Writing for Teenagers Conference

Tuesday 7th March 2017

A report by Emilia Morris on the 2017 Writing for Teenagers Conference.

On Friday 3rd March a group of seven girls including myself went to Leighton Park to attend the Writing for Teenagers Conference. We started the day off by listening to two authors talking. The first of these authors was Nicky Singer, who is an old Queen Anne’s girl, who talked about how global warming was affecting the lives of the Inuit’s and the animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as how her book ‘Island’ was about how important this issue was. The second speaker, Jon Walter, told us how we could write using our senses. He also told us about his book ‘My Name’s Not Friday’ and how horrible it was to be alive in the times of black slavery as that was what his book was about. We then had a talk by Barbara Band about censorship in books and how different it is compared to censorship in films. After this talk a lady called Vanessa Altin gave us a lecture on refugees and what her book, ‘The Pomegranate Tree’ was about. After this we had lunch. During lunch, we visited the book shop and purchased some books. After lunch we spent an hour doing workshops with the different authors. Annie King, Tallulah Jackson-Coombs and I spent this hour with Nicky. We started off the session by telling the group about a moment that made us worried or scared. We chose the best one, which happened to be about a boy almost getting shot in the foot by his older brother, and were told to write a story about it, interpreting it in our way. After this, we had the last talk of the day, which was by Sita Brahmachari. She talked about her trips to India and the stories her father told her. After this we came back to school. Overall, the day was really fun and I would really like to go again.