A Weekend in Holmes with Spoken Word & a French Food Evening

Tuesday 6th December 2016

Holmes Spoken Word

On Friday 2 December, Holmes hosted a Spoken Word Evening. There were over 35 day and boarding girls from U5-U6 in Holmes sit for an informal evening of music and poetry.

There were around 15 performances including poetry by Kate Tempest, the Ukeladies (U6 Ukelele band) and a mixture of covers and original music. Katie Green and Emma Hewlett did an amazing job of organising and hosting the evening.

We spent the afternoon baking in house meaning we had freshly baked cookies and other nibbles. It was a wonderful opportunity for girls to mix across the houses and for the U5 to get a glimpse of what life in Holmes is like.

We hope to put on a similar event termly to encourage socialisation across the year groups in a fun and informal setting.


French Food Evening in Holmes

On Saturday 3 December, Holmes hosted a French Food Evening, one of many family style Saturday cooking evenings as we encourage the girls to try different cuisines from different countries.

Synonymous with French cuisine is the ‘Cheese’ fondue, which the girls really enjoyed. They also made tarte aux citrons, chocolate covered strawberries, mulled apple juice and non-alcoholic mulled wine. The girls had a great time and are learning a range of skills in the kitchen as well as having time together mixing outside of their usual friendship groups.

We were together cooking, eating and chatting from 6.30pm until late. The next themed evenings will be an Indian curry night and we will also attempt an Indonesian cuisine evening.


Mrs Wekesa (Holmes Housemistress)