Webbe House Swims To Victory

Monday 8th June 2015

On Friday 5 June, our 4s, U4s and L5s girls enjoyed a very successful Inter-House Swimming Gala in the school pool. Well done to Webbe House who narrowly won the event ahead of Wisdome House.  It all came down to the last race (Squadron Relay) which Webbe House just managed to win, gaining maximum points and thus ensuring victory.

The gala was a very keenly contested event from start to finish.  There was an amazingly noisy atmosphere poolside as spectators quickly responded to the contest, witnessing how much energy and commitment their fellow house mates were giving. Head of Swimming, Mr Blunt said,

“The girls were great, with the swimmers and spectators displaying terrific ‘esprit de corps’. It quickly becomes great fun running an event like this when the Queen Anne’s girls get behind one another.  It’s something I have seen time and time again in my first year and is a real characteristic of the school.”

Two outstanding performances came from Amber Richards (Wisdome) and Sophie Wulfinghoff (Webbe) who produced high quality performances during the gala.  In the end, every single performance and every single point gained made a real difference and every girl who represented their house should be proud of all they achieved.

Mr Blunt would like to say a huge thank you to all the girls and also to the PE Department who helped officiate and ensured that the gala ran so smoothly.

Inter-House Swimming Gala Results

  • 1st Place – Webbe House
  • 2nd House –  Wisdome House
  • 3rd Place –  Wilkins House
  • 4th Place – Maddock House
  • 5th Place –  Ffyler House

Written by Mr Gary Blunt, Head of Swimming