The U6 Visit the Old Vic Theatre to see Woyzeck

Wednesday 17th May 2017

On Tuesday 16 May, the U6 girls went on a drama trip to see John Boyega, of Star Wars fame, make his debut at the Old Vic Theatre in Woyzeck.

One of the most influential plays every written, Woyzeck returned to the London stage in a new version by Jack Thorne. Described as an “unforgettable howl of rage”, Thorne updated Woyzeck to a modern setting, giving the material a new, contemporary voice for a contemporary audience.

Written by Georg Büchner, the play was left incomplete upon Büchner’s death at the age of 23. The ending was been re-written several times by other authors, giving the work great renown and shining a light on the German theatrical scene.

This production of Woyzeck  was set in 1980s Berlin, the Cold War raging on, with the tension at the crossroads of Communism and Capitalism being palpable. The story focused on young soldier Franz Woyzeck (John Boyega) and the love of his life who desperately tried to build a better life and future for their child. But as they attempted to escape poverty, the true cost of their plan became all too high and as tragedy unfurled, the plight of the people that society left behind became all too real.

The girls found it very much an adaptation by Jack Thorne, rather than a new translation of Buchner’s original version. One of the girls said

The horrors of post traumatic stress in war  was explored in detail, with John Boyega convincingly slipping into insanity in response to the medical experiments he received from his Doctor.

However, we all  felt that, while this production’s focus on the horrors of post traumatic stress was convincing, it  steered too far from the message of Buchner’s play: What drives an ordinary young soldier to murder his common law wife.

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