U6 Student Abby Founds Queen Anne’s Science Club

Thursday 25th October 2018

This term, Queen Anne’s Sixth Form student Abby S (U6), who studies chemistry, physics and mathematics, decided to set up an exciting Science Club for fellow students.


Abby spoke to us about the club and why it was so important to her to found:


“In 2017 the percent of women in the STEM workforce was only 24%. Having such an interest in the sciences I wanted to share my passion with the younger girls in the school.


At the end of term in year 12, I started planning and organising ways in which I could get more girls interested and exposed to science at Queen Anne’s School. I came up with the idea of a science club that I could run weekly at school. I have now found fun experiments that are safe but still interesting to share with everyone. I have an overall aim of getting younger girls more excited about science.


The club runs for the L4 to the U4 but anyone is welcome. Mrs Eagle, Mr Tuckwell and Mrs Froude have been instrumental in the progress and running of the science club and I thank them in particular for making it happen and for their help each week. This club would definitely not be happening without them!” – Abby S (U6)


Abby’s passion for science and women’s representation in the field is a great example to our younger students, and the experiments that have taken place so far this term at Science Club have certainly been exciting.



Water Bottle Rockets

For this experiment, our girls made rockets out of plastic bottles, to investigate whether putting more water in the bottles made the rockets go higher.

They found that only around 1/3 of water was needed in the bottle to produce the best results. This is because the amount of air pumped in was greater, and therefore the thrust force increased and the higher the rocket went. Yet there was still enough water for the water bottle to go up vertically and be less affected by the wind, and the air could reach a high enough pressure to exert a force.

Some girls decided to put hot water in because that would increase the air pressure in the bottle further.







For this ‘egg-naught’ experiment, our students created parachutes that would safely carry an egg down to the ground from the top floor of the science block.

The experiment was to see how the effect of drag could be used in the girls’ (and the eggs’!) favour, to slow down the parachute as it accelerated under Earth’s gravity. They also had to make a capsule that would absorb some of the force of the ground on the egg.

To heighten the excitement of the experiment even further, it was made a Lower School vs Sixth Form challenge. The girls put extra effort into their designs and construction, and the overall winners were the Lower School!






Queen Anne’s would like to give a big thank you to Abby S (U6) for all her hard work and dedication to inspiring girls’ and young women’s interest in science. We look forward to seeing more exciting experiments in the future.


Read more Queen Anne’s STEM news here.



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