U5 & L5 Wellbeing Morning

Tuesday 7th February 2017

On Friday 3 February, the U5 and L5 Wellbeing Morning took place where girls participated in a range of discussions, practical workshops and listened to experts talk about topical subjects.

The U5 had a Self Defence class, a discussion based around the documentary “Is This Rape?” and a talk from Isla Van Tricht on Pornography. Whilst the L5 had a talk from Barry Evans on drugs and substance abuse as well as hearing from Roger Harding on smoking.

L5 Wellbeing

On the morning of the 3 February, the Lower 5 year group was informed about the dangers of drugs and smoking through two presentations. 

Our personal experiences with this topic were involved in the talk and it was interesting to share different viewpoints. The gentlemen who presented to us throughout the morning informed us in a very understandable way by giving their own experiences to illustrate the facts. As well as gaining knowledge from the talks, I also questioned my personal attitude to substances and asked myself to what extent I came in touch with them. I think it is very important to inform young people about the dangers of drugs and how they will affect your life if you let them, because even though some drugs are accepted by society (e.g. alcohol) and are therefore seen as not dangerous, they can still have a negative impact on one’s life. 

I enjoyed the Wellbeing Morning as I was able to extend my knowledge in this area, and I learnt something that will be important for my future life.

Amelie (L5)

The L5 year group began the morning with a talk about drugs and substances. The speaker told us about the risks of taking drugs so we were able to make an informed decision and know the consequences and risks of taking them. Following that talk we were introduced to our next speaker who talked from a first hand point of view about smoking. He informed us that it may not only affect ourselves, but others. He gave us a rare incite into a cancer sufferer’s diaries and helped us realise that that if we were ever suffering from a tobacco problem in the future, that there was a way out with the support of our peers.

Ciara (L5)

U5 Wellbeing

The U5s had an informative and fun wellbeing morning consisting of a talk about consent, then a demonstration and practise in some life-saving self-defence skills and then it concluded with a talk about the dangers of pornography. 

The consent and rape talk was led by Miss Rutherford who showed us a series of videos made by the BBC, titled ‘Is this rape?’. It followed a story of two young people, Gemma and Tom, and asked us to question our definition of rape and consent. It was very interesting and we all learnt something, like when it is legally considered rape and what consent means. 

Then we had a vigorous self-defence class led by two instructors, where we were taught a few poses to adopt, which would protect our heads and necks in the unlikely event of being attacked on the street. We all picked up some very important life skills, like to always carry our keys as they can prove to be very useful make-shift weapons, although hopefully we will never have to use them! We all had a lot of laughs and are hoping that we will be able to get an after school activity on self-defence. 

To finish the morning, we listened to a talk led by recent university graduate, Isla Van Tricht who had based her final dissertation on a porn based drama piece. She busted many myths about pornography and told us how detrimental it can be for anyone’s health. She even compared watching porn to smoking, to show how bad it can actually be. Isla was a very bubbly and kind person who made the whole thing a lot less awkward than it could have been. Pornography is a very controversial and taboo topic and this talk taught us all something that we probably would never have known otherwise.

Kate (U5)

SelfDefence Website LI3A6390

On Friday 3 February, the U5 attended a self defence class in order to prepare us for the harsh realities of the adult world. The class was held by an external company who taught us how to use items we may already have on our person, such as keys or a phone, and how to form a defensive position to protect our knockout points. In addition to teaching us how to physically defend ourselves, the class also informed us that violence should always be the last resort as it can end in severe implications. 

As well as participating in this self defence class, U5 watched and discussed a BBC 3 documentary entitled “Is This Rape?” This brought up interesting discussion points as to the ethical and moral issues surrounding consent and rape. This provided us with a solid understanding of consent and what to do if a similar situation should ever arise. 

To end the wellbeing morning the year group were given a talk on pornography and how people are affected by it. The talk was given in a humorous way that still put across the hard-hitting realities of pornography. All in all it was a very educational morning, which helped raise our awareness of adult world.

Lottie (U5)

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