U4’s in Great Form in Ashdown Forest for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Practice Expedition

Wednesday 29th March 2017

The vast majority of our U4 girls participated in their very first Duke of Edinburgh’s expedition over the weekend.  Travelling down to Ashdown Forest in Sussex to learn new skills and learn more about themselves and friends, there was naturally plenty of excitement and apprehension as the coach departed Queen Anne’s School.

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Once the girls had met their instructors, were living in the forest and quickly learning about camp craft, navigation and teamwork it became very apparent it was a strong and determined group who had left Berkshire behind earlier that day.  As the weather became warmer the girls began to really shine under the clear skies and Mr Blunt and could not have been happier with what he saw.

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It was little surprise that the Sam Sykes Ltd staff waxed lyrical about how the Queen Anne’s girls continued to grow in confidence, throughout the expedition, as their newly found skills flourished.  Walking and navigation skills proved to be a real strength and there was a strong sense of togetherness from all the groups. The girls are certainly ready for their qualifying expedition on the 13 and 14 May and should approach that assessment with confidence and the attitude that they want to produce a brilliant expedition.

‘An expedition should be a life-changing experience: the goal is to ensure it is a positive one’

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Mr Blunt would like to thank Miss Ginders, from the science department,  for helping staff the expedition and being there to support the girls throughout the three days in Ashdown Forest.

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