U4’s Bushcraft Trip Adventure

Monday 1st October 2018

On Tuesday 25 September, our U4 students set off to Cornbury Park Woods, in Oxfordshire, for a Bushcraft team building day. The day was spent entirely outdoors, with many adventurous outdoor survival skills workshops and team bonding exercises.

Our U4 girls had a really fun and exciting day together! Here is Annabelle F and Heidi F’s account of the trip:


“The bus journey was a delight and not too long at all! Life long friendships were made in amongst all the ‘Mamma Mia’ sing-alongs! When we arrived, the onsite staff greeted us with utmost generosity and the walk was a brilliant trek through sunshine, graveled parks with trees lining the sides.

Having got there, the yurt was jam packed full of eager girls and their new found instructors. With the fire roaring, we left and walked to a large flat space (with plenty of hiding spaces!) and played a humongous game of Predator. When Andy, the tribe leader, turned around and counted to 5, we had to quickly hide behind the trees and run as quick as possible to Andy and yell “Freedom!”



After this fun game we split off into tribes, which included 15 girls from different forms and houses. We collected twigs and sticks in all different sizes: matchsticks, fingers, thumbs and wrists. These were vital for the creation of fires in amongst our tribes. We rubbed the flint and steel together and struck it onto the Vaseline covered cotton balls, which then lit up violently. We started off by putting the matchsticks on the fire to get it started, and after that we added the rest of the sticks in order of size until we had a massive blazing and smoking fire.



We picked up the equipment and ingredients and placed the burgers on the fire; one girl was assigned to flip the burgers over so they didn’t burn.  Meanwhile the rest of the girls got the buns out and put cheese and lettuce on them. We put the burgers on the buns and they tasted amazing: everyone loved them, including teachers!



Next, we learnt how to use a knife safely by sitting safely in a fire triangle. We shaved the end of stick off to create a sharp tip and then we made a slight dent for the rope to go in to make a peg.




After all these activities, Hugh took us through the makings of a trap to catch our prey out in the wild without using too much energy. There are four different types of traps: strangle, mangle, tangle and dangle. Next, we were challenged with making these traps ourselves as tribes. Some were successful while others didn’t work as well, however we kept persevering, proving resilience.  After doing this for ¾ of an hour we had a biscuit and fruit break (and an immensely quick loo stop!) before we gleefully skipped back to the bus and departed for school.

All of the U4’s attending this day thoroughly enjoyed our visit to this amazing, immerseful environment and we would love to go back next year! We would also like to thank the Bushcraft staff and the teachers who accompanied us for a memorable day out.”


Thank you Annabelle and Heidi! Have a look at some photos from their Bushcraft trip below: