U4 World of Work Day with Queen Anne’s Alumnae

Wednesday 16th January 2019

On Friday 11 January, the U4 year group took part in a World of Work options day. This day focussed on thinking more about their futures, and work on career planning and pathways.

Our U4 students will soon be choosing their GCSE subjects, and with the deadline of Friday 1 February fast approaching, the ‘World of Work’ options day was an ideal opportunity for the girls to start thinking about how the GCSEs they choose could shape their future.

The day started off with career planning and research. The U4’s were encouraged to think about they skills they confident with, and which skills could be improved. Some examples included verbal communication, time and self-management, and thinking and problem solving.

Our students learned about the STAR approach to research:

Be Specific about what you want to find out.

Set yourself a few Tasks for each research session.

Make notes along the way – this is your Action.

Then come to your Result, which should be to organise your notes and discuss your findings.

They then put the STAR approach to research into practice, by researching some unique careers, including: hydrologist, lexicographer and a UX designer.

Mr Boyes and Mr Stephenson then spoke to our U4’s about ‘GCSE’s and beyond’. They were then joined by some of our current GCSE students who shared their advice on how to cope with GCSEs.

Head of Economics, Mrs Robinson, later led our U4 students in a Finance session, speaking about the importance of money management as a life skill.

Our last session of the day was one which the U4 girls had been looking forward to most: ‘World of Work Speed Information Session’ with Queen Anne’s Alumnae.

Our U4’s were joined by 11 former Queen Anne’s students, from different work sectors.

This gave our U4 the opportunity to talk about their career aspirations with former students who have already walked in their footsteps. Our U4’s were put into groups and rotated around the room to speak to all of our visiting alumnae, asking any questions they may have.

Amongst our 11 alumnae joining our U4 students we had representatives from a range of industries including: law, veterinary science, marketing and structural engineering.

Click below to find out more about their exciting careers, and what it meant to be part of such an exciting day.

Hannah Morgan - Global Brand Director for No7

Hannah, who has had a marketing career spanning a decade, currently works as Global Brand Director for No7. She is responsible for how the brand shows up globally in its key markets: the UK, USA and China. Our girls found her varied and exciting role particularly interesting!

“In my role no day is the same: one day I may be testing new products, and the next reviewing our latest in-store merchandising, digital campaigns or shooting our latest TV campaign!”

Georgina Holland - Deputy HR Business Partner for the NHS

Georgina is currently a Deputy HR Business Partner working for NHS. She has worked her way up the HR ladder, initially starting in recruitment. Our U4 students were inspired by her hard work and perseverance.

“The girls asked me about how my time at Queen Anne’s helped me in my career. Personally, the main thing I took from Queen Anne’s was confidence! Learning essential life skills, such as how to network and make connections, was such an important part of my Queen Anne’s experience, which has helped me throughout my career.”

Emma Warby - Finance Solicitor at Pinsent Masons

Emma, graduated from law school in 2014 and is now a Finance Solicitor at a law firm in London. She and her sister have also set up their own business, which sells innovative insulated lunchboxes.

“Balancing my own business with my full-time job has proven to be a challenging at times, but it is definitely a lot of fun and I learn something new every day!”

Annette Tetlaw - Associate Project Manager at Currie & Brown

Annette is an Associate Project Manager at an industry leading global construction consultancy. Her projects include new leisure centres, town regenerations, retail fit out, commercial fit out and residential.

“Many of the senior positions at my company are held by men. The girls asked me about working in a male-dominated environment, and it was great to hear that, like me, they also take inspiration from successful women in the STEM industry.”

Lindsey Ellis - Associate Structural Engineer at OPS Structure

Lindsey completed a degree in Civil Engineering at Bath University, and is now an Associate Structural Engineer. She is qualified with the Institution of Structural Engineers and worked on the London 2012 Olympics. She now works at OPS Structures and has an active role in both engineering and managing the business in partnership with the three directors.

“In 2017, I was responsible for the design of an award winning and record breaking stage design for singer Adele’s world stadia tour, which I am immensely proud of!”

Sascha Grimm - Lawyer at Cooley

After studying History at university, Sascha went to law school and qualified as a lawyer. She is currently working for a law firm in London. She represents companies and individuals in court cases and disputes, as well as working for various governments around the world on asset recovery cases. A few years ago, she also founded a women’s legal network in London, which now has over 2500 members.

“I am a big advocate of improving diversity within the legal profession.”

Alex MacKenzie Smith - Project Manager for own independent business

Since graduating in 2015, Alex has worked for the University of Surrey Students’ Union, first as Vice-President, and then the following year as Union President. She has now decided to start her own business in the education sector, and is working on a number of strategic projects to help the growth of the organisation.

“It was really encouraging to see and hear how engaged the girls were. Some girls knew exactly what they wanted to do in their future careers. But quite a few girls, like me at their age, weren’t sure yet, and were keeping their options open and exploring various career pathways.”

Rosie Afia - Market Engagement Manager at GSMA

After leaving Queen Anne’s, Rosie decided to travel for a while, and was offered a job in Zambia working for an NGO. She later spent time in London working for a financial services ratings agency, as she holds a master’s degree in Develop Management from London School of Economics. Rosie now works on an Innovation Fund in the humanitarian sector, for an organisation called GSMA.

“The girls asked me some interesting questions about travel, and how to be flexible in balancing work and other life commitments. I thought it was great that the girls were very self-assured and knew that they can have a successful career alongside a fulfilling personal and family life.”

Greer Wilde - Policy and Public Affairs Officer at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Greer studied Veterinary Science at the University of Bristol after leaving Queen Anne’s in 2010. She now works for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in Westminster as a Policy and Public Affairs Officer. Part of her work is involved with helping to develop the RCVS Brexit strategy, and broader veterinary issues around legislation.

“The girls were confident and funny, but asked a lot of very sensible questions. I was really impressed!”

Anna Caraffi - Procurement Director at GlaxoSmithKline

Having completed a Chemistry Degree at Bath University in 2010, Anna joined GlaxoSmithKline’s Procurement Graduate program, and, eight years later, manages all of the company’s creative marketing agencies. This includes determining sourcing strategies, running commercial negotiations and managing supplier relationships.

“I had a funny experience at my workplace: I was putting my bike gear in my locker, and I was recognised by a new co-worker. She was in L4 when I was Head Girl at Queen Anne’s! I couldn’t believe she remembered me, but it made me realise how much Queen Anne’s girls look up to and inspire each other. I think that’s really special.”

We would like to say a big thank you to all our Queen Anne’s alumnae who joined us today.

We have such a strong alumnae society and are very grateful to them for taking the time to visit us and talk to the girls; it was clear that they are all still Queen Anne’s girls at heart!

A big thank you also goes to our Head of Lower School, Mrs McGrenary, and Careers Advisor, Mrs Noyes, for organising ‘World of Work’ day.