The U4 headed to Charlbury Wood for a day of Bushcraft and Team Building

Wednesday 18th October 2017

66 U4 girls climbed aboard a luxurious double decker bus to head to Charlbury Wood in Oxfordshire. We drove through the mist and fog to arrive at beautiful woodland with bright sunlight glistening through the trees.

Not even the muddy, slippery walk to camp dampened spirits and very soon the girls were engaged in activities out of the ordinary.  These tasks were set up by the camp staff to allow the girls to interact with everyone in their ‘tribe’ and included making a fire, learning how to handle a knife safely while making a wooden tent peg and to how to hide yourself quickly in the woods!  The girls joined in the spirit of things very quickly and great fun was had by all.

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Scarlette and Emma (U4) enjoyed the day immensely and took the time to write a report:

On the 26 September, all the U4s went to Bushcraft for a day full of fun activities and team building skills. First we had to walk a really muddy slippery path and a hill to get there. We had to help each other to get up the hill as we didn’t want to fall over, but many people did and that was the first part of team building as we helped each other reach the end. Next as we sat around a hand-made wood fire our instructor, Steph told us what to do and what not to do to build a fire and cook our lamb and vegetables for lunch. After eating a really good lunch we made our way from the camp to an open wood where we played a game called a chicken in a hen house. This is where they call out certain positions to act out in pairs, and if you were last, you were out! It was hilarious………………

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We were then split into two groups and our group played predator while the other tried wood work. Our game was where you start somewhere and the person who is counting has to turn around after the last number is called and tries to see if they can see anyone. Afterwards, our group took on the wood work and made tent pegs.

To make the tent pegs, we had to kneel in an upright position called the blood triangle, so you didn’t really hurt yourself. We used knifes and we had instructors to help us. We had to make a pointy end and then cut some off the top so it didn’t break when we hit it in the ground, then we made a cut into the side so the string wouldn’t fall off when you put your tent up.

This is what we did at bushcraft and if you get the chance to go, you should as we both recommend it!

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