U4 Venture into the Woods for a Bushcraft Team Building Day

Tuesday 1st October 2019

On Tuesday 24 September, 65 intrepid U4 students headed off for Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire for our annual Bushcraft Team Building Day.


Despite heavy rain, flooding and traffic chaos they arrived and made our way through the rain and up an extremely muddy path to the camp. Not even the muddy, slippery walk to camp dampened spirits and very soon the girls were engaged in activities out of the ordinary in a cheerful and resilient manner.


These tasks were set up by the camp staff to allow the girls to interact with everyone in their ‘tribe’ and included making a fire to cook their own lunch.





After lunch the girls were shown how to hide themselves quickly in the woods and engaged in team building games.


The girls joined in the spirit of things very quickly and great fun was had by all.


We left this beautiful woodland with bright sunlight glistening through the trees – if only it had been like that all day!







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