Top Coaching at Queen Anne’s

Thursday 17th January 2013

All Queen Anne’s Lacrosse coaching staff have achieved their Level 2 Umpiring Certification.  Head of Lacrosse, Ms Consiglio is very excited about the future of Lacrosse at school:

‘It is an easily overlooked aspect of the game until a tough call doesn’t go your team’s way. Ignoring the perennial puzzler of whether its umpire or referee, there are other dazzlers when it comes to wearing the stripes.  Should you be tougher on your own players so you don’t seem too lenient? Was that last defender merely a forceful tackler or was the attacker taking the dreaded ‘diva dive’? Mostly it is a bit of both and the referee has to make numerous 60/40 calls thereby making 100% of the spectators confused.  Who would umpire these days with armchair generals, armature pundits and rulebooks that read like a foreign language?

Happily, we have what it takes in spades. All of the full-time lacrosse coaching staff recently passed their Level 2 certification tests. More staff and better officiating means players feel safer and are free to play more creatively. A better standard of play benefits everyone from spectators, to novices, to England players. The fastest game on two feet, just got safer.’