The Lead-Up to Les Misérables …

Tuesday 5th February 2019

Preparations for Queen Anne’s School’s joint production of Les Misérables with Reading Boys’ School are well underway, and a growing sense of excitement can be felt throughout the school.


Students have been putting a tremendous amount of hard work into this production. Between their busy schedules, we managed to speak to some of our Queen Anne’s girls who have main roles in the musical.

Katie D (U6), who studies drama at A level, has been cast as the role of Fantine.


“Fantine is originally a factory worker; she is the favourite of her boss, but the other workers do not like her.” explains Katie.

“She has quite an unfortunate story, but will do anything for her daughter Cosette.”

The role of Cosette is to be played by Madeleine P (U6) and Maddie D (U4).


“Cosette is the daughter of Fantine. She is quite innocent and shut off from the outside world.” Maddie explains.


“Although, she has a lot of secrets from her childhood.” Madeleine reveals. “She’s a fun character to play – sweet, nice, and typically lady-like. And she has a lot of high singing parts!”


Romilly H (U6), who also studies drama at A Level, will play the role of Éponine.


“Éponine is a very dark and conflicted character, which I think is what makes her so interesting. She is the daughter of Monsieur and Madame Thénardier, who are known to be a ‘crime couple’.”

“There are some really complex female roles in Les Misérables, which are really fun to act. You become very immersed in your character and their story.”

For the four students, the production of Les Misérables will be the first time they have worked on a production, of this scale, with another school.

“I think Les Misérables was a really good choice for our joint production with Reading Boys’ School.” says Madeleine, who has completed examinations at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). “There are so many amazing singing parts, and it’s interesting to act with different age groups all in a big production. The boys are really good singers too!”

“Although I have performed in many drama productions before, I have never played a female role!” exclaims Katie. “So it’s great to have Reading Boys’ School to create a full production with us.”

This production of Les Misérables is not only a great opportunity to perform with students from another school, but also for students to perform alongside their peers from other year groups within Queen Anne’s School.


Whilst Katie, Madeleine and Romilly are all in their final year of Sixth Form, Maddie is currently about to choose her GCSE subjects:

“As a younger student, it’s really nice to be involved in a production that includes a range of age groups. With such a large production, cast and chorus, it’s essential to have all of our year groups working together, which is a great experience.”

Performing with a cast who have not known each other for long has proved to be a valuable experience for the girls:

“Working with Reading Boys’ School was also really good because, in the cast auditions, there was no bias.” says Madeleine “They didn’t know us personally beforehand, and I think this made the whole process feel more professional.”

“It’s fun to perform with new people that you don’t know at first” agrees Katie “The acting comes first and we have got to know each other through that.”

So, the big question is: what can we expect from the performances of the show?

“Les Misérables is such a well-known and iconic musical, which makes it so exciting to be a part of. It really has that ‘wow factor’, and everyone involved is so passionate about putting on a great show.” says Katie.

“The final song of the musical really is amazing, a real show-stopper. You really should come and watch it!” Romilly adds.

Performances will take place on Wednesday 13 February – Saturday 16 February at 7.30pm; a matinée performance will also take place on Saturday 16 February at 2pm.

Tickets are available for all performances and can be purchased by clicking here.