Sport RoundUp

Friday 24th October 2014

Please find below a roundup of sporting results from this week’s matches:

Tuesday 21 October – Lacrosse vs Moreton Hall

U15A Team – Win 10 – 3                       

  • Players Player:  I Bowater
  • Commended: A Oram, L Clarke

U15B Team – Lost 1 – 13    

  • Players Player: I Zealley
  • Commended:  G Peachy, A Way, R Holloway, H Richards

Wednesday 22 October – Netball vs Godstowe

U12A Team – Lost 13 – 22

  • Player of the Match: O Mowat & I Gibbs
  • Commended: A Hanson & F Bradbury

U12B Team – Lost – 0 – 10

  • Player of the Match: T Spencer
  • Commended: T Browett & I Sloane

U12C Team – Lost 1 – 14

  • Player of the Match: J Veitch
  • Commended: M Wilcox & A McCall

U13A Team – Won – 22 – 17

  • Player of the Match: H Khalique
  • Commended: M Clark & A Richards

U13B Team – Won – 9 – 8

  • Player of the Match: P Heath
  • Commended: L Evans and E Oram

U13C Team – Lost 4 – 21

  • Player of the Match: E Townend
  • Commended: J Whittingham & M Cooper

Thursday 23 October – Netball vs Beaconsfield

U15A Team

Queen Anne’s showed excellent perseverance in this game, pushing the Beaconsfield team to work for every goal.  However, Beaconsfield’s faultless shooting and advanced experience proved to be too much for this talented Queen Anne’s side.  Although this was a tough game, the girls should be commended on how they conducted themselves on court, demonstrating excellent sportsmanship throughout.

Final Score: Lost – 35 – 16

  • Player of the Match: A Turner
  • Commended: A Oram and B Bowater

 U15B Team

This was a very difficult game for the U15 team, especially as they had a slightly depleted squad, due to injury.  Beaconsfield demonstrated they had strength and breadth, and despite some excellent play from the Player of the match, Olivia Skoryk, Beaconsfield were able to convert all attempts on goal.  Despite this, the girls worked hard, maintained focus and showed excellent determination, right to the end.

Final Score: Lost – 31-10

  • Player of the Match: O Skoryk
  • Commended: N Hudson