Spanish Trip to Andalusia

Wednesday 14th November 2018

The MFL department organised a trip to the south of Spain to explore the natural beauty and diverse culture and history of Andalusia.

The trip commenced on Friday 19 October after the group arrived in Malaga, eager to explore the vicinity.


“I really enjoyed it and we went to really nice places. It was my first trip abroad with school and I found it a real success!” – Natasha C (L5)


We headed for our first activity, which involved a long trip up a mountain in a cable car, rewarded by hot chocolate and churros with chocolate, having braved mysterious and unpredictable weather!




During the trip we visited several enthralling places, including Granada, Mijas and Ronda. The villages were spectacular!


We were fortunate to be able to visit a popular historical palace called La Alhambra, which illustrated the extent of Arabic influence in the Iberian Peninsula and the Spanish language itself. Inside the palace were Arabic scriptures in praise of God.




“Personally, I found the Spanish trip a great experience for me to practice my Spanish and involve myself in the Spanish culture. As well as this, it was a very enjoyable trip and we had a lot of fun!” – Rowena L (L5)



Students were asked to complete a questionnaire about the palace, with wonderful prizes awarded to the most detailed responses, particularly to those groups who demonstrated their Spanish language skills!


“It was a great experience and it was very interesting to learn about the Spanish culture and history. The views were great and the historical buildings were beautiful.” – Aoife F (U4)


We visited the Picasso museum to extend our knowledge of the famous artist Pablo Picasso who lived in Málaga. This was a fantastic museum, which contained hundreds of stunning works of art with explanations of Picasso’s views of society and women – it was an eye-opening experience.





“It was a unique experience to understand first-hand the culture of Spain. Andalucía is a beautiful place that I really want to visit again someday. Specifically I really enjoyed exploring the towns because it really helped my develop my Spanish speaking skills.” – Gigi J (U4)


We endured another long journey to visit two beautiful villages of Mijas and Ronda, with spectacular views. Students had an opportunity to explore several gift shops that sold typical Spanish food, clothing and household ornaments. We visited a small church that was carved out of a giant rock!




Finally, we ended the trip with a dance workshop and the girls took the opportunity to freestyle and have some fun!



“I really enjoyed the trip and thought it was an amazing experience for me to improve my Spanish! I found it very interesting when looking at Spanish palaces, trying Spanish food, and getting to know the Spanish culture better.” – Holly B (L5)


A big thank you to Miss Khuman for this report and the wonderful photos, and for organising such an exciting trip, essential to our students language learning skills.

We are glad that our girls were able to enjoy the culture of Andalusia, and practice their Spanish in it’s native setting.


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