So, you want to be a Medic?

Tuesday 8th November 2016

On Thursday 3 November, 20 girls from U5 and L6 attended an excellent session in The Space, run by Mrs Harrington’s daughter, Franki, a junior doctor, who came to talk about the rewards and challenges integral to life as a medical student and junior doctor.

For anyone considering a career in medicine, this was an eye-opening session, not only providing invaluable information about how to apply for Medicine at university but also giving the girls an insight into some of the more ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of being a young doctor in the current climate. Finding out about the different types of medical degrees alongside information about how long the training lasts once the degree is complete, as well as the stages from Foundation Doctor, through Senior House Officer to Registrar helped to put the journey from Queen Anne’s girl to fully-qualified doctor into perspective: it is a challenge which requires immense determination, relentless hard work and an unshakeable motivation. Nevertheless, it is a career which can bring immeasurable rewards and to hear about those from someone directly involved in the profession provided a truly unique insight.

From learning about the challenges of the OSCE (a face-to-face, scenario-based examination very different from anything our girls will have faced during GCSEs and A levels) to hearing about the crucial importance of work experience, lots of volunteering and a clear sense of compassion, the girls really gained a sense of what it means to pursue a career in medicine. For anyone uncertain about their direction, Franki also talked about possible alternative scientific careers such as engineering, pharmacy, industrial chemistry and clinical psychology.

Having access to this up-to-the-minute insight certainly places our girls in a strong position to make their decisions and they left with plenty of food for thought and a renewed sense of determination to chase their dreams.

We would like to thank Franki for spending some of her valuable time with our students here at Queen Anne’s.