Sixth Form Medic Talk

Friday 21st September 2018

On Thursday 20 September, Queen Anne’s School was delighted to host a working lunch with Daniel Rose, an ex-pupil of Mr Stephenson, Director of Sixth Form. Daniel is off to Southampton Medical School next week and he gave a detailed account of the journey he took to get there: giving the girls advice about personal statements, work experience, the extra medical school examinations and the dreaded interviews.


This was a great opportunity for the girls to hear from someone with similar experiences to themselves, and gain advice on what next steps to consider taking:


Madeline P (U6): “I learnt from Dan that you just have to be confident and hopeful and have a positive mind set when trying to do something so challenging.”


Marjolein H (L6) : “From the medic talk I learnt that I need to include things that are personal to me in my application, because everyone who applies to medicine has really high target grades and does lots of extracurricular activities. Including details such as how you felt after your first surgery makes your application different to others because how you feel cannot be replicated.”


Millie B (L6):  “It was really useful to hear from someone who has been through the challenges of applying to medicine and to know what to expect and how to prepare for the interviews’.”



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