Sixth Form Debate with Reading Boys’ School

Thursday 4th July 2019

On Tuesday 19 March, three Queen Anne’s students participated in a debate with Reading Boys’ school, debating the topic of feminism, with the title ‘This house believes that feminism has gone too far’.


Sylvia S, Sophia E and one of the students from Reading Boys’ argued that feminism has gone too far (the proposition), and Celia C and two students from Reading Boys’ argued that it has not gone too far (the opposition). This was a challenge for the proposition, as all being well-founded feminists, we were arguing for something we did not categorically agreed with. However, we embraced this challenge.


After an intense session of intellectual debate, the opposition came up on top, winning the majority of the audience’s vote. The last time Queen Anne’s participated in an inter-schools’ debate with Reading Boys’ was in 1978, but because of how successful this previous one was, we have already organised another debating event which will take place at Queen Anne’s in the summer term.


Overall, this was a fantastic debate with many strong and well-developed arguments presented. It was a pleasure to personally participate and we are all excited for the next debate.




Post by Sylvia S (L6)