Results (H) Lacrosse vs Wycombe Abbey

Monday 15th September 2014

Another set of fantastic results from our lacrosse teams this weekend as they played against Wycombe Abbey on Saturday 13 September. Please see below for the full set of results:


Senior Teams

1st Team –  Won 7-5

  • Players Player:  A Crowther
  • Commended:  V Bamgbala, A Cooper and  E McNeill                                      

2nd Team  –  Drew 8-8

  • Players Player:  K Hillas
  • Commended: A Fountain  and  K Turner

3rd Team – Won 7-5

  • Players Player: O Dunseath
  • Commended: M Scott-Knight,  S Grosz-Dequenne and S Toms

Under 15’s                       

U15A Team – Won 13-4

  • Players Player: I Bowater
  • Commended: A Turner and G Evans

U15B Team – Lost 4-9

  • Players Player: C Hall and I Zealley
  • Commended: A Way and O Shearn

Under 14’s

U14 Team –  Won 11-7

  • Players Player: A Roberts
  • Commended: S Hillas

U14B Team – Won 7-6

  • Players Player:   Z Roberts and H Spencer
  • Commended: Z Wenyu, R Hayward and C Botterill

Under 13’s

U13A Team – Lost 2-10

  • Players Player: E Oram
  • Commended:    N Jones and A Anderson-Jeffs

U15B Team – Lost 0-6

  • Players Player: D de Normann
  • Commended: S Cooke