Results (H): Lacrosse vs St Paul's Girls' School

Wednesday 27th November 2013

A very well done to all the Queen Anne’s teams who played against St Paul’s Girls School on Saturday 16 November. Another set of fantastic results.

Senior Teams

1st Won 10-6
Players Player:  Zoe Webb
Commended: Lara Bamgbala

2nd Lost 6-8
Players Player: Alice Shaw
Commended: Isabel Beech, Kendra Broome,  Imogen Lockhart

3rd Lost 1-8
Players Player: Sophia Haynes
Commended: A Stuart-Ashley, L Burnett, C Gass

Under 15’s
A’s  Won 8-7
Players Player:  Abby Cooper
Commended: Kate Hillas

B’s Lost 7-8
Players Player: Ami Lees, Emily Richards
Commended: Susan Liddell

Under 14’s
A’s Won 8-4
Players Player: Ella Harris
Commended: Amy Turner

B’s Won 9-2
Players Player: Alice Oram
Commended: N Hudson, C Shutter, D Psarra, I Zealley

Under 13’s
A’s Won 6-4
Players Player: Annabelle Roberts
Commended: A Griffin, A West, A Lovett, A Sloman

B’s Lost 2-8
Players Player: Maisie Pennant
Commended: I Williams, C Botterill,  F Appleyard

Under 12’s
A’s  Lost 3-6
Players Player: Hannah Khalique
Commended: Lucy Goudge, Emily Oram, Georgina Ralston

B’s Won 8-4
Players Player:  Philippa Heath
Commended: Olivia Townend, Eleanor Townend

C’s Lost 1-8
Players Player:  Sophie Ekundayo
Commended: Isobel Salmon, Perdy Debliz, Eleanor Doughty Davis

See below for a slideshow of photographs taken by Mr Ian Chapman, Teacher of Economics and Business Studies