Results (A): Triathlon vs Wycombe Abbey, U13, U12

Tuesday 25th March 2014

Congratulations to both the U12 and U13 teams who were the overall winners at the Triathlon event against Wycombe Abbey on Saturday 22 March. Both teams won the event in a commanding style with all the girls performing exceptionally and showing real time spirit. Well done to everyone involved and winning this event was a lovely way to finish the winter season.



  • U13 v WA Swans                WON  7-2
  • U13 v WA Doves                WON 6-2
  • U12 v WA Swans                LOST 2-4
  • U12 v WA Doves                LOST 3-5


  • U13 v WA Swans                WON10-2
  • U13 v WA Doves                WON 9-0
  • U12 v WA Swans                WON 10-8
  • U12 v WA Doves                WON 10-3


  • U13    First place
  • U12    First place

Overall Positions

Most Valuable Players

  • U13    Annabelle Roberts
  • U12    Madeleine Clark