Results (A): Lacrosse vs Cheltenham Ladies College

Monday 3rd February 2014

Another brilliant set of results from all the Lacrosse teams who played against Cheltenham Ladies College on Saturday 1 February. Please see below for the full set of results:

1st – Lost 6-7

Players Player: Jessica De Mulder

Commended: Harriet Foster and Alex Crowther

2nd – Won 7-3

Players Player: Isabel Beech

Commended: Imogen Lockhart, Kendra Broome, Fayha Muhammed, Laura Bunce

U14A – Won 13-1

Players Player: Georgina Evans

Commended: Amy Turner and Ella Harris

U13A – Won 9-4

Players Player: Annabelle Roberts

Commended: Camilla Cooper, Maisie Pennant, Rachel Green

U13B – Won 3-1

Players Player: Imogen Williams

Commended: Madeline Pavey

U12A – Won 8-0

Players Player: Alice Oram

Commended: Hannah Townend

U12B – Won 3-1

Players Player: Daisy De Normann and Sophia Ekundayo

Commended: Sam Cooke and Sophie Lange