Queen Anne’s Sports News

Monday 7th October 2019

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 7 October 2019.



Amelia W (U4) competes in orienteering and the weekend before last she competed as part of the Southern Central Squad at the Inter Regional Championships. For those who are uncertain what orienteering involves, navigational skills using a map and compass are required to move at speed from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain. Despite the heavy rain and tricky conditions underfoot Amelia placed 7th out of 30 girls in her age group!






Hannah S (4) has been playing football with Crystal Palace for the last 5 years, but in a bid to move training closer to home she has successfully trialed for the U14 Elite Talent ID squad with Oxford United – quite an achievement as she has only just turned 12!





Amelia S (L5) competed in the British Trampoline Championships in Birmingham the weekend before last and has qualified for the finals in DMT, Double Mini Trampoline. This means that this year she has successfully qualified for the League, English and British Championship finals, several of them up against GB squad members.






There were midweek netball matches against Ranelagh for the U14s and for the U13s v The Abbey.


Netball Matches v Ranelagh

U14As: Lost 10-14
Players’ Player: Lula J (U4)
Commended: Amelie H (U4), Lara R (U4)

U14Bs: Won 10-5
Players’ Player: Amelia W (U4)
Commended: Anna B (U4)


Netball Matches v The Abbey

U13As: Lost 7-9
Players’ Player: Iris C (4)

U13Bs: Lost 8-13
Players’ Player: Hannah S (4)

U13Cs: Lost 4-10
Players’ Player: Esme W (4)
Commended: Poppy T (4), Lucinda F (4)

U13Ds: Won 8-4
Players’ Player: Bella V (4)
Commended: Holly D (4), Temi A (4), Libby R (4)


County Netball

This weekend was the county round of the National Schools Netball competition at Theale School. There was some superb netball on display, with every team fighting for every ball.
The U19 team had a tough draw against very strong netball schools. A big thank you to the three girls who stepped in to play for the team at the last minute. Every match was to the wire with the difference in score being only one or two goals.


U19 County Round Netball Team: Georgie W (L6), Hannah K (U6), Maddie C (U6), Hettie W (L5), Liv M (L6), Talia J (U6), Izzy C (U6), Georgie K (U6), Evie H (U6)




The U16 team finished 4th in their pool having won three and lost three.

U16 County Round Netball Team: Sophie B (U5), Zoe O (U5), Olive R (U5), Izzy W (L5), Izzi J (L5), Emma B (L5), Ruth T (L5), Harriet S (U5), Holly B (U5), Daisy S (U5), Flo C (L5)



The U14 team finished third in their pool, winning three, drawing 1 and losing 2.

U14 County Round Netball Team: Lara R (U4), Lula J (U4), Beau B (U4), Katie L (U4), Amelie H (U4), Iris C (4), Phelix B (4), Sophie G (U4), Georgie G (U4)





Lacrosse teams travelled to Caterham this Saturday. It was a tough fixture as they were missing several key players across year groups due to netball.

Overall we played nine matches, winning 4, drawing 1 and losing 4.


U15As: Won 8-6
Players’ Player: Lucy B (L5), Poppy W (L5)
Commended: Cesca M (L5), Bo D (L5)

U15Bs: Won 6-5
Players’ Player: Tabby M (L5), Catrin P (L5)
Commended: Annabelle F (L5), Florentina M (L5)

U14As: Lost 18-7
Players’ Player: Sasha B (4), Nellie D (4)
Commended: Alice B (U4), Anna B (U4), Nel A (U4)

U14Bs: Lost 10-3
Players’ Player: Bex L (U4), Angel N (U4)

U13As: Lost 7-8
Players’ Player: Nellie D (4)
Commended: Sasha B (4), Ava P (4), Melissa D (4)

U13Bs: Lost 7-10
Players’ Player: Alice R (4)
Commended: Esme W (4), Ella W (4), Temi A (4)

U12As: Drew 10-10
Players’ Player: Mary B (L4)
Commended: Ottie K (L4), Elizabeth T (L4), Carlotta A (L4)

U12Bs: Won 7-1
Players’ Player: Sophie S (L4)
Commended: Savana G (L4), Caitlin M (L4),  Ava T (L4)

U12Cs: Won 8-7
Players’ Player: Nzunwa O (L4)
Commended: Phoebe R (L4), Eliza N (L4)







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