Queen Anne’s Sports News

Monday 11th March 2019

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 11 March 2019.


National Schools Lacrosse Championships

Last week, our lacrosse teams took part in four days of the National Schools Lacrosse Championships.





The Senior 1st team qualified for the championship division of 1st team Nationals after day one of play. On day two of play they got to the final 16, beating Lady Eleanor Holles School along the way. They were then knocked out in the last 16. They now rank in the top 16 nationally.




The Senior 2nd team qualified for the championship division of 2nd team Nationals after day one of play. On day two of play they got to the final 16 and were then knocked out. They now rank in the top 16 nationally for all 2nd teams.




The U14A team finished top of their pool after their morning matches having won all of their matches convincingly. They progressed into the final 16 knockouts where unfortunately they lost 6-5 in the dying seconds to Berkhamsted and were knocked out. They now too rank in the top 16 nationally for their age group.




The senior 3rds, U15A’s, U15B’s and U13A’s played some fantastic lacrosse and put in some amazing performances in their group matches. Unfortunately they were knocked out after the group rounds.






England Academy Regional Tournament

This week several girls have also found out that they have been selected to play in the England Academy Regional Tournament at Easter. This is a fantastic achievement! The tournament will have England coaches present who will be looking for girls who may be good enough to move up into the National Academy, which is where the England team is selected from.


The girls who have been selected are:

Regional A Team:
Amy I (L5), Emma B (U4), Millie B (U4)

Regional B Team:
Holly B (L5)

Regional C Team:
Flo C (U4), Cesca M (U4), Poppy W (U4), Hettie W (U4)

Hannah K (L6), Georgie R (L6), Evie H (L6), Lucy E (L6)




The junior teams played Downe House at netball midweek, whilst the senior 1st team competed in St Helen’s and St Katharine’s Invitational Tournament. Many of these girls had also played lacrosse all weekend. A big thank you to the two U5s who played up as the team were missing three of their key players. Despite this they reached the semi-finals and placed third overall.


U12A&B: Lost 5-10
Players’ Player: Eloise H (L4)
Commended: Iris C (L4), Ella W (L4)


U12C&D: Lost 1-12
Players’ Player: Lara M (L4)
Commended: Hannah S (L4), Lily M (L4)


St Helen’s and St Katharine’s Invitational Senior Netball Tournament:

Evie H (L6), Talia J (L6), Georgie K (L6), Hannah K (L6), Molly R (L6), Georgie R (L6), Bella W (U5), Amelia F (U5)


On Thursday, 6 netball teams also played Cranford House in very difficult weather conditions.


U14As: Won 9-2
Players’ Player: Niamh G (U4)
Commended: Millie B (U4)


U14Bs: Won 14-0
Players’ Player: Bo D (U4), Louisa H (U4)
Commended: Cesca M (U4), Lauren S (U4)


U15As: won 17-0
Players’ Player: Daisy S (L5)
Commended: Olive R (L5), Zoe O (L5)


U15Bs: Won 9-4
Players’ Player: Ruby H (L5)
Commended: Amber I (L5)


U16As: Won 15-5
Players’ Player: Amelia H (U5)
Commended: Amelia F (U5)


U16Bs: Lost 4-10
Player’ Player: Jas B (U5)
Commended: Rosie H (U5)



We wish the ski team good luck in their first ski race competition in the Artemis British Inter-Schools Ski Challenge and congratulations to everyone who competed last week!




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