Queen Anne’s Sports News

Monday 4th March 2019

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 4 March 2019.


Synchronised Swimming

Congratulations to Annaliese M (L5) who achieved her Grade 4 in synchronised swimming over half term. She has now passed 2 grades in less than a year and is working towards her grade 5.

Annaliese is also working hard on a duet which she is hoping to perform at the Scottish nationals in June.




Last week we hosted a midweek fixture against St. Bartholomew’s School in our final match of the season. We had six teams out and got some crucial last minute practice in before National Schools. Overall we played 6 matches, winning 5 and losing 1.

Here are the results:


Queen Anne’s 1sts: Won 17-3
Players’ Player: Emily O (L6), Evie H (L6)
Commended: Abby S (U6), Livvy C (L6)


Queen Anne’s 2nds: Won 15-0
Players’ Player: Hazelle M (L6)
Commended: Alice C (U5), Georgie K (L6), Liv M (U5)




Queen Anne’s U14As v St. Bartholomew’s U15As: Won 9-4
Players’ Player: Poppy W (U4), Lucy B (U4)
Commended: Cesca M (U4), Isabel W (U4), Bo D (U4)


Queen Anne’s U14Bs v St. Bartholomew’s U14As: Lost 9-1
Players’ Player: Luisa B (U4), Louisa H (U4)
Commended: Elsie K (U4), Catrin P (U4)


Queen Anne’s U13As v St. Bartholomew’s U13As: Won 11-5
Players’ Player: Alice B (4), Beau B (4)
Commended: Lara R (4), Nell A (4)


Queen Anne’s U12As v St. Bartholomew’s U12As: Won 9-1
Players’ Player: Phelix B (L4), Sasha B (L4)
Commended: Annie H (L4), Millie M (L4)


National Schools Lacrosse Championships

The U18 1st and 2nd teams were competing on Saturday and Sunday in the National Schools Lacrosse Championships over in Aldershot.

Both the U18A and B teams qualified for the championship division of their respective tournaments and both teams reached the final 16 in their respective tournaments.

There will be a more detailed report from Nationals Schools in next week’s sports news when all age groups have competed.



The year 7-8 and 9-10 novice trampoline teams travelled to Cannock on Saturday for the National Schools Trampoline Finals. The year 7-8 team finished 0.05 points away from bronze place. It was a day of 4s, with the year 9-10 team also placing fourth overall nationally in their category and Alice B (4)acing fourth nationally as an individual in her age category.






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