Queen Anne’s Sports News

Monday 25th February 2019

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 25 February 2019.



In the last week of term the U12 and U13 swimming teams competed against St Andrew’s.
Both Queen Anne’s teams produced good team performances and won their galas.


U12 Team:

Annabel H (L4) (Capt), Livvy D (L4), Alice R (L4), Isabella M (L4), Lily M (L4), Florence D (L4), Ella W (L4), Miranda R (L4), Iris C (L4)


U13 Team:

Ella B (4) (Capt), Beau B (4), Libby R (L4), Phelix B (L4), Gracie J (4), Lara R (4), Katie W (4), Katie L (4)



Alice R (L4), Phelix B (L4), Iris C (L4), Ella B (4), Annabel H (L4)



There was also a successful run of fixtures against Leighton Park and Pangbourne College in the week leading up to half term.

Here are the results of the matches against Leighton Park:


U15BS: Won 14-4

Players’ Player: Amelie H (L5), Amber I (L5)

Commended: Kate L (L5), Freya M (L5)


U14As: Won 15-7

Players’ Player: Niamh G (U4)

Commended: Ruth T (U4), Emma B (U4)


U14Bs: Won 10-9

Players’ Player: Cesca M (U4), Luisa B (U4)

Commended: Poppy W (U4)


U14Cs: Won 21-1

Players’ Player: Elouise D (U4)

Commended: Liberty J (U4), Gracie L (U4)


And here are the junior netball team results against Pangbourne College:


U13As: Won 23-4

Players’ Player: Lula J (4), Lara R (4)
Commended: Sophie G (4)


U13Bs: Won 9-0

Players’ player: Katia L (4)
Commended: Yovela A (4)


U12As: Won 21-5

Players’ player: Phelix B (L4)
Commended: Isabella M (L4), Jemima B (L4)


Congratulations to all the teams who competed and good luck to all the teams competing in the lacrosse national schools competition across the weekend and the start of next week!


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