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Monday 11th February 2019

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 11 February 2019.



Harriet S (L5) swam in 11 events across two weekends as part of the Counties Championships. She reached two finals, won bronze in the 100m backstroke and the 200m IM as well as achieving three base regional qualifying times in 50, 100 and 200m backstroke.



The U15 netball teams played The Abbey on Monday night against some strong opposition.

U15As: Lost 8-14
Players’ Player: Daisy S (L5)
Commended: Olive R (L5), Holly B (L5), Lauren R (L5)

U15Bs: Lost 2-11
Players’ Player: Sophie B (L5)
Commended: Amy I (L5), Freya M (L5)


The U16 and senior netball teams travelled to St Mary’s Ascot on Wednesday.
The results were really pleasing as St Mary’s is a strong netball school. We won two matches and drew one.


U16As v St Mary’s Ascot 2nd Team: Drew 11-11
Players’ Player: Jas V (U5)
Commended: Amelia F (U5)

U18As v St Mary’s Ascot 1st Team: Won 24-20
Players’ Player: Hazelle M (L6)
Commended: The whole team!

U18Bs v St Mary’s Ascot 3rd Team: Won 28-8
Players’ Player: Amelia H (U5)
Commended: Maddie C (L6)


Berkshire Lacrosse Tournament

Queen Anne’s hosted the Berkshire Lacrosse Tournament on Wednesday. The U12A, U13A, U14A, U14B teams all took part, and here are their results:


U12As finished 2nd

v St. Bartholomew’s: Won 7-1
v Heathfield: Won 7-0
v Downe House: Lost 2-1

Player of the Tournament: Phelix B (L4)
Commended: Sasha B (L4), Lucinda F (L4), Holly D (L4)



U13As finished 2nd

v St. Bartholomew’s: Won 7-1
v Heathfield: Won 10-0
v Downe House: Lost 6-2

Player of the Tournament: Grace J (4)
Commended: Georgie G (4), Emily W (4)



U14As finished 2nd

v St. Bartholomew’s: Won 7-1
v Heathfield: Won 7-0
v QAS B: Won 8-1
v Downe House: Lost 5-4

Players’ Player: Emma B (U4)
Commended: Niamh G (U4), Hettie W (U4)




A big well done to the U14B team who were playing in an A team tournament and gained valuable experience at a high level.


v St. Bartholomew’s: Lost 7-2
v Heathfield: Drew 2-2
v QAS A: Lost 8-1
v Downe House: Lost 7-1

Player of the Tournament: Lucy T (4)
Commended: Ruth T (U4), Elsie K (U4), Tabitha M (U4)





On Saturday we travelled away to St. Mary’s Calne to play in some well contested matches. This was a difficult fixture with many girls off ill or with other commitments. Overall we won 5 matches and lost 5 matches.
These are the results for the senior and U15 teams:


1sts: Lost 10-4
Players’ Player: Lucy E (L6)
Commended: Emma H (U6), Abby S (U6)

2nds: Lost 10-5
Players’ Player: Charlotte D (L6), Georgie K (L6)
Commended: Molly R (L6)


3rds: Lost 14-1
Players’ Player: Sophie D (U5)
Commended: Lily C (U5), Stella L (U5), Georgie W (U5)

U15As: Lost 7-4
Players’ Player: Amy I (L5), Holly B (L5)
Commended: Zara O (L5), Blair F (L5), Kate L (L5)


A clean sweep across the board for the U14s.

U14As: Won 12-8
Players’ Player: Niamh G (U4), Lucy B (U4)
Commended: Claudia M (U4), Cesca M (U4), Grace L (U4)

U14Bs: Won 7-6
Players’ Player: Serena C (L5)
Commended: Bo D (U4), Elsie K (U4), Catrin P (U4)

U14Cs: Won 4-3
Players’ Player: Angel N (4) , Gigi J (U4)
Commended: Lana G (U4), Abi M (U4)



Here are the junior lacrosse results:

U13As: Won 10-7
Players’ Player: Grace J (4), Beau B (4)
Commended: Hanna M (4), Nell A (4)

U12As: Lost 6-2
Players’ Player: Sasha B (L4)
Commended: Phelix B (L4), Hannah S (L4), Holly D (L4)

U12Bs: Won 9-2
Players’ Player: Esme W (L4)
Commended: Daisy S (L4), Livvy D (L4), Jemima B (L4)




The U14s played netball after their lacrosse matches against St Mary’s Calne. Two sports back to back is tough. Here are the results:


U14As: Lost 11-24.
Players’ Player: Niamh G (U4)
Commended: Flo C (U4)

U14Bs: Lost 4-12
Players’ Player: Poppy W (U4), Izzy I (U4)
Commended: Cesca M (U4)

U14Cs: Lost 0-14
Players’ Player: Isla C (U4)
Commended: Gracie L (U4), Heidi F (U4)

U14Ds: Won 14-9
Players’ Player: Tabitha M (U4)
Commended: Catrin P (U4), Isabelle W (U4)



And finally, here are some lovely shots from row training on the water this week.





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