Queen Anne’s Sports News

Monday 28th January 2019

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 28 January 2019.


Swim Fixtures

Last week there was an U15 and U13 swim gala v The Abbey.


The U15’s narrowly lost out to The Abbey School in a very competitive swimming gala. It was great to see such a large U15 team compete which double the number of girls participating in comparison with their opposition and says so much about the girls and their willingness to swim for Queen Anne’s School.

Harriet S (L5) won the Individual Medley and Catrin P (U4) the freestyle. The team enjoyed a terrific freestyle relay victory. The final result was decided by a margin of 0.33 seconds in the Medley Relay race, which went in favour of The Abbey School.


U15 Team

Olive R (L5) (Capt), Harriet S (L5), Ruby M (L5), Emily R (U4), Catrin P (U4), Annaliese M (L5), Louisa H (U4), Georgina L (L5)


Final Score:

Queen Anne’s School – 15 points

The Abbey School – 17 points


The U13 swim team swum well too, with Libby R (L4) winning the backstroke and Phelix B (L4) the freestyle. The team won the freestyle relay and the final score was a tie between the two schools.


U13 Team

Beau B (4) (Capt), Lara R (4), Grace J (4), Emily W (4), Phelix B (L4), Alice-Read C (L4), Annabel H (L4), Libby R (L4)


Final Score 

Queen Anne’s School – 17 points

The Abbey School – 17 points


Inter-House Swimming

The Inter-House swim gala took place on Monday night and as always was fiercely contested between the five houses.


It was a fantastic occasion with every girl cheering their house mates’ every stroke. There were many outstanding performers on display from all houses but it was the girl who got into the water for their house with limited swimming experience who stole the show.

It was a great example of commitment and loyalty to their houses and made a huge impression on everybody at the gala. Every point really does count!

Mr Blunt and the staff at one point would have appreciated ear defenders such was the level of noise being generated by an enthusiastic school!


Here are the results of the Inter-House Swimming competition:

5th – Maddock – 39 points

4th – Wilkins – 57 points

3rd – Webbe – 98 points

2nd – Ffyler – 100 points

1st – Widome – 109 points

Congratulations to Wisdome house!