Queen Anne’s Sports News

Monday 14th January 2019

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 14 January 2019.

Ski Racing

Ahead of representing Queen Anne’s as part of the team heading for the Inter-schools race in Pila in March, Millie J (4) and Ella B (4) had a very busy Christmas and New Year competing in 5 races (giant slalom and slalom) in Val-d’Isere and picked up Silver and Bronze medals across the board.


Abby S (U6) has been selected for the England U19 Easter lacrosse training trip to the USA, which will act as the decider for squad selections for the World Cup this summer. Congratulations Abby!

Lacrosse matches V Claremont

On Saturday morning Queen Anne’s hosted Claremont school for four lacrosse matches. Here are the results; you can see that we won 3 matches and lost 1.

U14As: won 11-7

Players’ Player: Niamh G (U4), Lucy B (U4)

Commended: Claudia M (U4), Louisa H (U4), Bo D (U4)

U13As: won 9-6

Players’ Player: Lara R (4), Katie L (4)

Commended Georgie G (4), Beau B (4), Alice B (4)

U12As: lost 7-8

Players’ Player: Sasha B (L4)

Commended: Holly D (L4), Millie M (L4), Ava P (L4)

U12Bs: won 16-4

Players’ Player: Esme W (L4)

Commended: Daisy S (L4), Melissa D (L4)

5 Schools Lacrosse Tournament

In the afternoon on Saturday, the senior 1sts, 2nds and U15A teams travelled to Downe House to participate in the 5 schools tournament. This was an incredibly tough tournament, facing some of the most successful schools in the area.


Here are the results for the U15A team. They were particularly pleased with their change in fortune against Berkhamsted. Last time they played them they lost to them 10-1, this time they drew. A great improvement.

U15As Placed 4th

Drew 2-2 V Berkhamsted

Won 6-5 V Downe House

Lost 6-5 V Wycombe Abbey

Lost 3-1 V St. Helens and St. Katharine’s

Player of the Tournament: Amy I (L5)

Commended: Holly B (L5), Georgina L (L5), Flo C (U4)


The seconds had a great run and finished second overall.

2nds Placed 2nd

Lost 8-0 V Berkshamsted

Won 5-3 V Downe House

Won 5-4 V Wycombe Abbey

Drew 4-4 V St. Helens & St. Katharine’s

Player of the Tournament: Charlotte D (L6), Amelia F (U5)

Commended: Jess W (L6), Hazelle M (L6)



The 1st team were delighted with their 9-0 win over Downe House and ended the tournament on a nail biting match against St Helen’s and St Katharine’s, another match with a much improved score line from the last time we played them.

1sts Placed 3rd

Lost 10-2 V Berkhamsted

Won 9-0 V Downe House

Lost 5-3 V Wycombe Abbey

Drew 4-4 V St. Helens & St Katharine’s

Player of the Tournament: Emma H (U6)

Commended: Abby S (U6), Lucy E (L6), Rachel G (U6), Livvy C (L6)