Queen Anne’s Sports News

Wednesday 12th December 2018

The final sports news round-up of Michaelmas term, in the week commencing Monday 10 December 2018.


Martial Arts with Sport in Mind

Last week, Neil Harris from Sport in Mind was back in school still chasing his 100 sports in a year challenge. It was the martial arts girls who came to his rescue this week. He was a little nervous when he saw what he had to face!

Katie W (4) and Grace W (L5) taught him some basic karate moves.





Luisa B (U4) put him through his paces with some fairly lethal Taekwondo moves. He did go rather pale when she said she wouldn’t do any take downs on him, or break his arm!





Finally, Niel faced Lara F (4) at judo.





Thank you to everyone who has helped him get increasingly close to his target of 100 sports in a year!



Congratulations to both Georgie W (U5) and Hettie W (U4) who have both been selected for the Berkshire Hockey Academy Centre this year. They have been at trials every Friday night from September – November, so selection has been hard won.




This weekend the senior row squads participated in a mixed fixture with Radley. They raced in four octaples.






This week Queen Anne’s had a home fixture against Putney High School. The teams all performed well and we won the majority of the games.

Here are the results:

U12As: won 8-3
Players’ Player: Sasha B (L4)
Commended: Nellie D (L4), Phelix B (L4), Isabella M (L4)

U12Bs: lost 4-5
Players’ Player: Lucinda F (L4)
Commended: Alice R (L4), Eloise H (L4), Zahra M (L4)

U12Cs: lost 1-12
Players’ Player: Melissa Z (L4)
Commended: Maddy Y (L4), Libby R (L4)




U13As: won 14-7
Players’ Player: Anna B (4), Lara R (4)
Commended: Grace J (4), Sophie G (4), Katie L (4)

U13Bs: won 5-4
Players’ Player: Nell A (4), Emma C (4)
Commended: Lucy T (4)




U14As: won 13-4
Players’ Player: Niamh G (U4), Lucy B (U4)
Commended: Poppy W (U4), Cesca M (U4)

U14Bs: won 8-2
Players’ Player: Katie L (4)
Commended: Gabrielle H (U4), Lana G (U4), Catrin P (U4), Esther B (U4)

U15As: won 15-4
Players’ Player: Holly B (L5)
Commended: Lauren R (L5), Amy I (L5), Freya M (L5), Amelie H (L5)





1st Team: won 13-8
Players’ Player: Emily O (L6)
Commended: Emma H (U6), Sophie H (U6)

2nd Team: drew 7-7
Players’ Player: Hazelle M (L6)
Commended: Amelia F (U5), Lucy G (L6)






Crerar Quaiche Cup

This term the Crerar Quaiche Cup is going to the senior rowing squad!

These girls train 6 days a week, twice a day on Tuesdays as well as train on exeats and in every holiday in order not to lose fitness.

They recently competed at Henley Long Distance Sculls where they placed 3rd behind two of the top Henley Quads in the country. Henley Boat Club are reigning National School’s Champions. The Queen Anne’s Boat Club has been developing over the last 3 years.

All of these seniors have been involved right from the start, with their hard work now paying off and Queen Anne’s Boat Club is now a recognised club on the national rowing circuit.


Congratulations girls!






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