Queen Anne’s Sports News

Monday 12th November 2018

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 12 November 2018.



Senior Swim fixture v Kendrick
Queen Anne’s won 26-14

Zoe C (L6), Niamh M (U5), Sophia E (L6), Olivia M (U5), Jasmine V (U5), Amy M (U5), Molly R (L6), Melissa S (L6), Lucy G (U5), Ruby M (L5), Olive R (L5), Harriet S (L5)


The L5, U5 and U6 girls combined to produce a strong senior swim squad to compete against Kendrick School. Harriet S (L5) and Amy M (U5) set the tone early on with impressive winning Individual Medley performances. The swim captain, Zoe C (L6), also helped set the standard with a very impressive 50m Breaststroke victory. Queen Anne’s won 12 of the 14 races and the final score was 26-14 to us.


Combined U15/U13 swim team v LVS Ascot
Queen Anne’s won 98-61

Catrin P (U4), Louisa H (U4), Georgina L (L5), Olive R (L5), Annaliese M (L5), Scarlette R (L5), Ruby M (L5), Emily R (U4), Libby R (L4), Beau B (4)


The U15’s combined with the U13’s in a swimming gala against LVS Ascot. Olive Richards captained the team well, with strong performances all round, in particular from Libby R (L4) and Beau B (4). This led to the second win in two weeks for the swim teams.



Take a look at this amazing shot of Nellie D (L4) out hunting with Staff College Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Draghounds on her pony Taffechan Bailey. Perhaps this is why she is proving to be fearless in goal on lacrosse!





Ella B (4) took part in an inter-regional duathlon at the Olympic VeloPark. It was an opportunity for the top young triathletes from London and the South-East to compete against each other. The event comprised of a 1.2km run followed by a 4.8km bike and finally a 600m run. Ella came second in her category.





Cross country

Our junior girls cross country team, comprised of Anna B (4), Ella B (4), Alice B (4), Georgie G (4), Libby R (L4) and Katie W (4), raced in the regional round of the ESAA cross country cup on Saturday.

Clearly it rained, otherwise it wouldn’t have been cross country…in fact it poured! This year we did not repeat the mishap of last year, where one girl’s shoe was suctioned off within the first twenty strides by the mud, but we did manage a nose belled half way round and a holy bush in the eye.

Overall the team placed 6 out of 12, with Libby R (L4) and Ella B (4) coming in the top 25; Ella placed 3rd overall. A strong team performance over a challenging course, that bodes well for the Berkshire Schools Cross Country in January.






There were midweek matches against the Abbey for the U12s, with a pleasing win for three out of the four teams.
The U16s played St Gabriel’s mid week too, winning one and losing one.

Here are the full results:


U12 Netball v The Abbey

U12As: won 11-9
Players’ player: Sasha B (L4)
Commended: Ava P (L4)

U12Bs: lost 3-8
Players’ player: Louisa J (L4)
Commended: Zhara M (L4), Eloise H (L4)

U12Cs: won 13-9
Players’ player: Bibi H (L4)
Commended: Bella V (L4), Elisabeth D (L4)

U12Ds: won 6-0
Players’ player: Maddy Y (L4)
Commended: H (L4)


U16 Netball v St Gabriel’s

U16As: won 22-13.
Players’ player: Amelia H (U5)
Commended: Amelia F (U5)

U16Bs: lost 8-13
Players’ player: Freya B (U5)
Commended: Emily D (U5), Rosie H (U5)


Netball National Schools- County Round

Saturday was the county round of the Netball National Schools competition.
We had teams entered at U14, U16 and U19 level. As ever we remain in a county with extremely strong competition and in the words of one of the girls, the tournament was brutal.


The U14s came third in their pool:

Won v Downe House 8-3
Won v Holyport 7-4
Lost v Newlands 4-8
Lost v St Mary’s 3-4
Lost v Wellington 3-12
Drew v Ranelagh 8-8.




The U16s came fifth in their pool:

Won v Holyport 7-0
Won v Windsor Girls 10-1
Lost v Pangbourne 4-8
Lost v St Mary’s 4-9
Lost v The Abbey 6-16.
Lost v Maiden Erlegh 6-15



And the U19s came fourth in their pool:

Won v Bradfield 13-10.
Lost v St Mary’s 8-9.
Lost v The Abbey 6-14
Lost v Wellington 2-8






This week we played ten lacrosse matches at St. Paul’s Girls School. Overall we won 7 and lost 3. The girls gained some fantastic results despite missing a huge number of girls who were out at netball and cross country competitions.

Here are the teams’ results:


1sts: won 8-4
Players’ Player: Annabelle R (U6), Livvy C (L6), Emily O (L6)

2nds: won 8-1
Players’ Player: N/A

U15As: won 7-5
Players’ Player: Lauren R (L5), Olive R (L5)
Commended: Harriet S (L5), Freya M (L5)

U15Bs: lost 9-8
Players’ Player: Cesca M (U4)
Commended: Ruby H (L5), Kate L (L5), Rosie F (L5)


U14As: won 10-2
Players’ Player: Claudia M (U4), Lucy B (U4)

U14Bs: lost 11-2
Players’ Player: Gabi H (U4)
Commended Gigi J (U4)

U13As: won 9-2
Players’ Player: Katie L (4), Grace J (4)
Commended: Lara R (4), Beau B (4)

U13Bs: lost 10-1
Players’ Player: Emma C (4), Melissa J (4)
Commended: Charlotte B (4), Millie J (4)


U12As: won 8-4
Players’ Player: Sasha B (L4)
Commended: Annie H (L4), Bella M (L4), Iris C (L4)

U12Bs: won 7-2
Players’ Player: Alice R (L4), Beth J (L4)
Commended Eloise H (L4), Louisa J (L4), Daisy S (L4), Frankie W (L4)



Supercounties lacrosse

If that wasn’t enough, 14 girls who had already competed on Saturday played Supercounties lacrosse on Sunday.

U15 Supercounties:
Holly B (L5), Lauren R (L5), Georgina L (L5), Amy I (L5), Olive (L5), Millie B (U4), Hettie W (U4), Emma B (U4), Poppy W (U4), Flo C (U4)
U18 Supercounties:
Emily O (L6), Evie H (L6), Hannah K (L6), Georgina R (L6)



The senior row squads were out on Saturday competing in the Henley Sculls. Mrs Townsend was delighted with their performance. Henley is the top junior club in the country and to come within 16 seconds in the quad over a 3k race is very impressive!

The quads placed 3rd and 11th, and as you will be able to tell from the photos, the quads had the best of the weather!


Women’s J18 quad:
Placed 3rd (out of 12)
Sophie H (U6), Rachel G (U6), Camille B (U5), Charlotte W (U6)

Women’s J18 quad:
Placed 11th
Alicia B (U6), Luise B (U5), Maya M (U6), Philippa M (U6)




The doubles placed 6th and 9th out of 19.

Women’s J18 double:
Placed 6th (out of 19)
Sophie H (U6), Rachel G (U6)

Women’s J18 double:
Placed 9th (out of 19)
Camille B (U5), Charlotte W (U6)






The first Queen Anne’s ski team race trials took place on Sunday too at Aldershot snow centre. Chemmy Alcott, GB’s best female world cup alpine ski racer, guided 17 Queen Anne’s girls as they practiced their slalom turns at speed. The girls were up for the challenge and made really good progress. The second trial session is next weekend and there will be 19 girls attending.


Queen Anne’s Open Ski Race Training Team:

Millie John (4), Ella B (4), Scarlett B (L4), Katie W (4), Louisa H (U4), Anna B (4), Ella B (4), Ruby M (L5), Holly W (U4), Lauren B (L6), Issy Hortopp, Gabby H (U4), Minnie F (U4), Grace W (L5), Poppy W (U4), Isabella M (L4), Isabelle W (U4), Freya M (L5), Lucy Blomfield (U4)


Two girls couldn’t attend the ski race session this Sunday as they were playing Supercounties lacrosse, but Freya M (L5) and Lucy B (U4) will be joining the racers next weekend.





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