Queen Anne’s Sports News

Monday 15th October 2018

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 15 October 2018.



The U13 swim squad were made to battle extremely hard in a tough encounter with the Abbey School. The races were close and the final score was Queen Anne’s 42 and The Abbey 56. A special mention goes to Emily W (4) who had a very busy gala and Beau B (4) who swam particularly well.



Queen Anne’s senior row squad competed in the Reading Small Boats Head.

Rachel G (U6) and Sophie H (U6) won the Junior 18 double, with Alicia B (U6) and Charlotte W (U6) placing 4th.

A quad of Maya M (U6), Philippa M (U6), Alicia B (U6), and Charlotte W (U6) came 2nd in the Junior 18 quads.

Sophie and Rachel also came second in the open beginner doubles.





There were plenty of mid-week netball fixtures. Here are the results of fixtures that took place:


Netball Matches v Kennet School:

U15As:  lost 24-20

Players’ Player: Holly B (L5)

Commended: Sahiba J (L5)

U15Bs:  won 13-11

Players’ Player: Orla W (L5)

Commended: Tilly G (L5)


Netball Matches v The Abbey:

U14As: lost 15-5

Players’ Player: Flo C (U4)

Commended: Ruth T (U4)

U14Bs: won 14-4

Players’ Player: Luisa B (U4)

Commended: Bo D (U4), Francesca M (U4)


U13As: lost 11-16

Players’ Player: Lula J (4)

Commended: Beau B (4), Gracie J (4)

U13Bs: lost 13-0:

Players’ Player: Yovela A (4), Katia L (4)

Commended: Anna V (4)

U13Cs: lost 2-3

Players’ Player: Anna B (4)

Commended: Ife A (4)

U13Ds: lost 16-0

Players’ Player: Ksenia V (4)

Commended: Lara L (4) and Sam T (4)


Netball Matches v Maiden Erlegh

U16As:  won 39–18

Players’ Player: Liv M (U5)

Commended: India P (U5)

U16Bs:  lost 12-18

Players’ Player: Jas B (U5)

Commended: Freya B (U5)


U18As:  won 43-22  

Players’ Player: Talia J (L6)

Commended: Hazelle M (L6), Hannah K (L6)

U18Bs: won 30-12

Players’ player: Emily O (L6)

Commended:  Kerrie F (L6)


Super Saturday

This Saturday was the second Super Saturday fixture of the term against St Catherine’s, Bramley.

This is where the teams play both netball and lacrosse back to back.

Here are the results for our netball teams:


U12As: lost 3-20

Players’ Player: Phelix B (L4)

Commended: Iris C (L4)

U12Bs: lost 1-10

Players’ Player: Poppy T (L4)

Commended: Melissa Z (L4)


U13As: lost 12-13

Players’ Player: Lara R (4), Lula J (4)

Commended: Beau B (4)

U13Bs: lost 3-12

Players’ Player: Issy K (4), Yovela A (4)

Commended: Fran C (4)


U14As: lost 3-20

Players’ Player: Emma B (U4)

Commended: Millie B (U4)

U14Bs: lost 8-17

Players’ Player: Izzy I (U4)

Commended: Cesca M (U4), Louisa H (U4)


U15As: won 13-10

Players’ Player: Lauren R (L5)

Commended: Daisy S (L5), Holly B (L5)

U15Bs: drew 13-13

Players’ Player: Kate L (L5)

Commended: Sophie B (L5), Freya M (L5)


U16As: tbc

Commended: Amelia H (U5), Bella W (U5)

U16Bs: lost 19-16

Players’ Player: Lucy G (U5)

Commended: Maddie B (U5), Rosie H (U5)


1sts: lost 12-15

Players’ Player: Evie H (L6)

Commended: Georgie R (L6), Georgie K (L6)

2nds: lost 11-22

Players’ Player: Georgie K (L6)

Commended: Molly R (L6), Lucy E (L6)


Here are the results for our lacrosse teams:


U12As: won 5-4      

Players’ Player: Nellie D (L4)

Commended: Sasha B (L4), Ava P (L4), Esme W (L4)

U12Bs: lost 7-0        

Players’ Player:  Jemima B (L4)

Commended: Poppy T (L4), Bella M (L4), Louisa J (L4)


U13As: won 5-1      

Players’ Player: Lara R (4), Katie L (4)

Commended: Anna B (4), Alice B (4)

U13Bs: lost 11-0      

Players’ Player: Millie J (4)

Commended: Melissa J (4) and Issy K (4)


U14As: lost 6-2

Players’ Player: Lucy B (U4)

Commended: Grace L (U4), Poppy W (U4)

U14Bs: lost 5-2

Players’ Player: Catrin P (U4)

Commended: Gigi J (U4)

U14Cs: won 4-3

Players’ Player: Gabby H (U4)

Commended: Luisa B (U4), Lauren S (U4), Joanna A (4)


U15As: lost 12-2

Players’ Player: Amy I (L5)

Commended: Freya M (L5), Holly B (L5)

U15Bs: lost 8-1

Players’ Player: Kate L (L5), Joanna A (L5)

Commended: Aimee L (L5), Serena C (L5)


3rds: lost 16-0

Players’ Player: Sophia E (L6)

Commended: Stella L (U5), Eve L (U5), Sophie D (U5)

2nds: lost 7-3

Players’ Player: Charlotte D (L6)

Commended: Megan W (L6), Hazelle M (L6)

1sts: lost 11-2

Players’ Player: Emily O (L6)

Commended Alex G (U6) and Abby S (U6)


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