Queen Anne’s Sports News

Tuesday 6th November 2018

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 29 October 2018.



There has been lots of good news for our Queen Anne’s lacrosse players over half term. 14 girls were informed that they have been selected to play Lacrosse Supercounties after attending a trial last half term.


Georgina L (L5), Francesca M (U4) and Amelia S (U4) all attended a trial for the U15 Regional lacrosse academy and all three girls were successful.



Libby R (L4) competed in the UIPM World Biathle & Triathle Championships in Egypt over  half term. The highlight of the event was when she won the Bronze medal in the World Triathle Mixed Relay.



Amelia S (U4) competed in the English Trampoline Championships over half term. She won a silver medal in the individual event and placed 4th in synchronised trampoline with her partner.


There were plenty of mid-week netball fixtures. Here are the results of fixtures that took place:

Netball Matches v St Gabriel’s

U14Bs: lost 8-10

Players’ player: Izzy I (U4)
Commended: Cesca M (U4), Bo D (U4)

U14Cs: lost 2-17

Players’ player: Isla C (U4)
Commended: Gracie L (U4), Emily O (U4)


Seniors v The Abbey

U16As: lost 17-34

Players’ player: Amelia H (U5)
Commended: Jas V (U5), Amelia F (U4)

U16Bs:  lost 17-31

Players’ player: Lucy G (U5)
Commended: Freya B (U5), Anna H (U5)

U18As: lost 19-2o

Players’ player: Hazelle M-I (L6)
Commended: Alex G (U6), Hannah K (L6)


Super Saturday

This Saturday was the second Super Saturday fixture of the term against St Helen’s and St Katharine’s.

This is where the teams play both netball and lacrosse back to back.

Here are the results for our netball teams:


U14As: lost 10-13 (to their U15Bs)

Players’ player: Flo C (U4)
Commended: Ruth T (U4), Poppy W (U4)

U15As: lost 16-26

Player’s player: Daisy S (L5)

Commended: Holly B (L5), Zoe O (L5), Charlotte L (L5)

U16As: lost 11-27

Players’ player: Jas V (U5)
Commended: Bella W (U5)

U16Bs:  lost 6-25

Players’ player: Freya B (U5)
Commended: Rosie H (U5)

 U18As:  lost 8-31

Players’ player- Hazelle M-I (L6)
Commended- Evie H (L6) and Emily O (L6)


Lacrosse V Godstowe and St Helen’s and St Katharine’s

QAS 1sts V SHSK: lost 11-8

Players’ player: Hazelle M-I (L6)
Commended: Annie A-J (L6), Megan W (L6) and Grace S (L6)

QAS 2nds V SHSK: won 9-3

Players’ player: Lucy Evans
Commended Molly R (L6), Emma H (U6), Rachel G (U6)

QAS 3rds V SHSK: lost 5-4

Players’ player: Eve L (U5), Emmeline B (L6)
Commended: Ruth D (U5), Lucy G (U5) and Rosie H (U5)

QAS U15A V SHSK: won 10-4

Players’ player: Zoe O (L5) and Olive R (L5)
Commended: Lauren R (L5), Holly B (L5) and Daisy S (L5)

QAS U13As V SHSK: won 12-5

Players’ player: Georgie (4), Lara R (4)
Commended Hanna M (4)

QAS U13Bs V SHSK: Lost 6-5

Players’ Player: Lucy T (4), Melissa J (4)
Commended Issy (4), Katya C (4)

QAS U12As V SHSK: won 5-1

Players’ player: Esme W (L5),
Commended Iris C (L4), Holly D (L4) and Sasha B (L4)

QAS U12Bs V SHSK: lost 6-1

Players’ player: Louisa J (L4)
Commended: Bella M (L4), Jemima B (L4), Poppy T (L4)

QAS U13As v Godstowe: lost 12-5

Players’ player: Georgie G (4), Beau B (4)
Commended:   Alice B (4), Anna B (4)

QAS U12As v Godstowe: won 10-1

Players’ Player: Sasha B (L4)
Commended:    Phelix (L4), Hannah S (L4), Annie H (L4)



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