Queen Anne’s Sports News

Monday 8th October 2018

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 8 October 2018.


Horse Riding

Cliona M (U6) competed in a Pony Club Eventer’s Challenge and won the style prize, beating over 160 competitors.





Our distance runners have had a busy fortnight.

Ella B (4) competed for her club, the Chiltern Harriers, in the Southern Road Relays Championships at Crystal Palace. Her team raced into second place and were the silver medalists.




Libby R (L4) won Woking Aquathlon, was the 2nd Fastest U13 girl in the Laser run at the National Modern Triathlon Championships, and was part of the 4th fastest team at the UIPM World Laser Run Championships in Dublin.





The U13 cross country team raced at Downe House in the first round of the ESAA cross country cup on Wednesday.

The course had several hills and was around 2000m long. Ella B (4) placed first overall and together the team placed second, beating 7 other schools. They are now through to the regional round in November. Well done to Anna B (4), Georgie G (4), Alice B (4), Ella B (4), Katie W (4) and Libby R (L4).






Synchronised Swimming

Annaliese M (L5), competed with her synchronised swimming team at the South East Region Team Competition at the K2 in Crawley and came away with the gold medal.



Swim Gala

There was a hotly contested swim gala against Wycombe Abbey midweek. It is really pleasing to be able to have a senior swim squad in place once more.

Here are the results:


Seniors: QAS 27, WA 41

Amy M (U5), Jasmine V (U5), Olivia M (U5), Niamh M (U5),

Zoe C (Capt) (L6), Melissa S (L6), Harriet S (L5)


Intermediates: QAS 34, WA 33

Poppy W (U4), Catrin P (U4), Louisa H (U4), Georgina L (L5),

Olive R(Capt) (L5), Annaliese M (L5), Amelie C (L5),

Claudia M (U4), Ruby M (L5)


Juniors: QAS 35, WA 35

Ava P (L4), Phelix B (L4), Annabel H (L4), Isabelle M (L4),

Alice R (L4), Olivia D (L4), Florence D (L4),

Lily M (4), Elizabeth R (L4)


Overall score: QAS 96, WA 109





Our junior 18 doubles raced last weekend at Wallingford.  With the first race of the season only 3 weeks into term it was quite a big ask. The pairs came 5th and 8th out of 13.





Here are the results of the U13 midweek netball matches against Maiden Erlegh.

U13As: lost 10-13

Players’ player: Lara R (4)

Commended: Beau (4)

U13Bs: drew 5-5

Players’ player: Fran C (4)

Commended: Georgie G (4)

U13Cs: won 14-0

Players player: Ella B (4)

Commended: Charlotte B (4), Anna V (4)

U13Ds: won 4-3

Players’ player: Esther T (4)

Commended: Lara L (4)




And here are the results of the U12 netball matches also against Maiden Erlegh.

U12As: won 21-1

Players’ player: Ava P (L4)

U12Bs: won 13-1

Players’ player: Frankie W (L4)

U12Cs: won 8-0

Players’ player: Holly D (L4)

U12Ds: won 6-2

Players’ player: Miranda R (L4)

U12Es: lost 3-13

Players’ players: Smriti P (L4), Alice R (L4)



Netball Residential

Three teams of U14 netballers traveled to Boreatton Hall in Shropshire over the exeat weekend to compete in netball tournaments against teams we would not normally face.

One team narrowly missed out on a place in the semi finals of their tournament, with the other two teams reaching the finals of theirs.

When they weren’t playing netball they were taking advantage of all the adventure activities on offer.






We had ten home matches against Caterham on Saturday, with the entire L4 year group participating. Overall we won 6 matches, drew 2 and lost 2.

Here are the results:

U12As: lost 7-3

Players’ Player: Sasha B (L4)

Commended: Annabel H (L4), Ava P (L4) and Nellie D (L4)

U12Bs: drew 6-6

Players’ Player: Melissa D (L4)

Commended: Holly D (L4)

U12Cs:  drew 4-4

Players’ Player: Millie M (L4)


U13As: lost 10-4

Players’ Player: Lara R (4), Katie L (4)

Commended: Alice B (4), Georgie G (4) and Beau B (4)

U13Bs: won 5-3

Players’ Player: Lucy T (4) and Hanna M (4)


U14As: won 9-4

Players’ Player: Lucy B (U4) and Claudia M (U4)

Commended: Cesca M (U4), Flo C (U4) and Amelia S (U4)

U14Bs:  won 11-1

Players’ Player: Tabitha M (U4)

Commended: Bo D (U4), Ruth T (U4) and Catrin P (U4)

U14Cs: won 14-1

Players’ Player: Gabby H (U4)

Commended: Amelie J (U4)


U15As: won 13-1

Players’ Player: Amy I (L5) and Zara O (L5)

Commended: Olive R (L5), Amelie H (L5) and Harriet S (L5)

U15Bs: won 6-3

Players’ Player: Serena C (L5)

Commended:  Sophie T (L5), Lucy B (L5) and Ruby M (L5)




South West Rally

This Saturday also saw the 1sts and 2nds travelling to St. Swithuns for the South West Rally. Both teams put in a fantastic performance and qualified for the championship division.  The 1st and 2nd teams did exceptionally well to reach the semi-finals, but unfortunately both just lost out on a place in the final.

Here are the results:


V St. Swithuns: won 4-2

V St. George’s Ascot: won 12-0

V Sherborne: won 8-3

V Westonbirt: won 7-1

V Downe House: lost 6-2

V St. Marys Calne: lost 9-3 (Semi-final game)



V St. Marys Calne: won 5-4

V Monmouth: won 3-0

V St. Swithuns: won 3-0

V Cheltenham Ladies College: won 2-1

V Godolphin: won 5-1

V St Helens and St. Katharine’s: won 3-1

V St. Swithuns: lost 4-1 (semi-final game)




Berkshire Schools Lacrosse Tournament

On Wednesday 3 Oct, the 1sts, 2nds and U15A’s travelled to Downe House for the Berkshire Schools Lacrosse Tournament. The 1sts and 2nds finished 2nd overall and the U15As came first overall.

Here are the results:


V St. George’s: won 10-0

V St. Bartholomew’s: won 5-0

V Heathfield: won 8-1

V Downe House: lost 4-3



V Downe House lost: 4-3

V Wellington won: 4-3

V St. Bartholomew’s: won  8-3



V St. Bartholomew’s: won 6-1

V St. George’s Ascot won: 15-0

V Downe House won: 5-4

V Heathfield won: 8-0



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