Queen Anne’s Sports News

Tuesday 25th September 2018

A round-up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 24 September 2018.



Katie W (4) and Grace W (L5) took part in the season-end triathlon at Dorney Lake last Sunday. They each came second in their age categories, with Katie 3rd overall and Grace 4th overall in the kids event. The event involved a 200m lake swim, a 5K bike ride and a 2.5K run.

Jas V (U5) also took part in the season-end triathlon at Dorney Lake. Jas competed in the Novice/Super Sprint event which required a 400m swim, a 10.6km cycle and a 2.5 km run. There were 77 competitors, both men and women. With a time of 46:58 minutes, she came 5th overall and was the first woman over the line.

This is the second time that Jas has been on the winners podium, as she also came first in the First Timer triathlon in July.

Take a look at some of the photos from the event below:






The U15s had their first netball match of the season against The Abbey.

The results are as follows:


U15As: lost 14-35

Players’ Player: Lauren R (L5)

Commended: Charlotte L (L5), Harriet S (L5)

U15Bs: lost 14-18

Players’ Player: Orla W (L5)

Commended: Annaliese M (L5), Aimee L (L5)





Here are the U13s and U14A results, U14 B and C team results, and also the U15 and senior lacrosse match results:


U13As: won 8-4

Players’ Player: Alice B (4), Georgie Gilbert (4)

Commended: Katie L (4), Lara Renders (4)

U13Bs: lost 11-1

Players’ Player: Rebecca (4), Millie J (4)

Commended: Joanna A (4), Angel N (4)


U14As: won 7-5

Players’ Player: Lucy Blomfield (U4), Emma B (U4)

Commended: Hettie W (U4), Claudia M (U4)

U14Bs:  lost 5-3

Players’ Player: Lara R (4)

Commended: Isla C (U4), Olivia F (U4), Ruth T (U4)

U14Cs: won 7-4

Players’ Player: Esther B (U4)

Commended: Amelie J (U4), Lauren S (U4), Annie A (U4)


U15As: lost 12-4

Players’ Player: Amy I (L5)

Commended:  Lauren R (L5), Holly B (L5), Millie B (U4)

U15Bs: lost 13-2

Players’ Player: Serena C (L5)

Commended Aimee L (L5), Kate L (L5)


1sts:  lost 3-8

Players’ Player: Alex G (U6), Livvy C (L6)

2nds: lost 1-14

Players’ Player: Molly R (L6)

Commended: Freya B (U5)

3rds: lost 3-16

Player’s Player: Georgina W (U5)

Commended: Stella L (U5), Sophie D (U5)



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L5 Visit the Tate Modern in London

19 October 2018

Last week, L5 art students visited the Tate Modern in London.

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L4s Make Copper Sulphate Crystals

19 October 2018

L4's have recently been awarded their Bunsen burner licences in science, and set out to do their first big experiment following this: to make copper sulphate crystals.

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Sixth Form Lecture Series: Picasso’s Guernica: The Enduring Power of Art

18 October 2018

On Friday 12 October, Queen Anne’s Academic Enrichment Programme for Lower Sixth students continued with an interesting insight into Picasso’s Guernica: The Enduring Power of Art, presented by our very own Head of Classics, Mrs Smith.

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Queen Anne's Alumna Publishes Second Cookery Book

18 October 2018

Queen Anne's alumna Nicola Millbank has just had her second cookery book published by HarperCollins.

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Queen Anne's Book Club Attend the Berkshire Book Awards

17 October 2018

Queen Anne’s Book Club attended the Berkshire Book Awards in Ascot on Thursday 11 October 2018.

Recent News

MFL Inter-House Challenge

16 October 2018

The MFL Inter-House Challenge took place on Wednesday 26 September. The five excited house teams were set four language challenges, and an extra ‘culture’ challenge, for which they had just three minutes to complete each.

Recent News

U4s Investigate the Sustainability of Communities in Reading

16 October 2018

On Monday 8 October, our U4 students ventured into Reading, to investigate the sustainability of communities, for their geography fieldwork.

Recent News

Queen Anne's Joint Jazz Band Concert with The Oratory School

15 October 2018

On Thursday 11 October, Queen Anne’s Jazzabelles and Concert Band were joined by The Oratory Big Band for an evening of Jazz and Concert Band music, filled with glittery costumes, an excited audience and the sound of beautiful instruments playing.

Recent News

Sixth Form Lecture Series - Redearth Education

12 October 2018

On Friday 5 October, Founders of Redearth Education Lynne Pritchard and Ronnie Katzler gave an inspiring talk to our Sixth Form Students, as part of the Lower 6 Academic Enrichment Programme.

Next Event

Breakfast with the Head

30 October 2018

On Tuesday 30 October, parents are invited to join the Headmistress, Julia Harrington, at Café 6 in The Space at 8am for breakfast.

Next Event

L6 Ballroom Dancing with The Oratory School

30 October 2018

Students from The Oratory Boys' School join our Queen Anne's L6 Students for an evening of ballroom dancing.

Next Event

Eleanor Monibot – My Work as Global Director of Operations for World Vision – the Largest NGO in the World.

02 November 2018

Queen Anne's alumna Eleanor Monibot will give an inspiring lecture to our Sixth Form students about her work as Global Director of Operations for World Vision – the largest NGO in the world.

Next Event

Dance Showcase

02 November 2018

The Dance Showcase will take place on Friday 2 November, from 7:30pm in the Performing Arts Centre. A collection of ‘work in progress’ from ISTD examination work (up to Advanced One Modern and Tap), Dance Company, GCSE and A Level dance will be shown. 

Next Event

QASPA Annual General Meeting

03 November 2018

The QASPA Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 3 November, from 9:00am in the upper library.

Next Event

L6 Ballroom Dancing with The Oratory School

06 November 2018

Students from The Oratory Boys' School join our Queen Anne's L6 Students for an evening of ballroom dancing.

Next Event

Foundation Concert to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1.

08 November 2018

The Foundation Concert at St John’s, Hyde Park on Thursday 8 November will be an evening of music commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1.

Next Event

Social Event for L4 and 4's with The Oratory School

09 November 2018

Students from The Oratory School will join our L4 and 4 students for a social event at Queen Anne's School, on Friday 9 November from 7pm.

Next Event

Lower School Concert

12 November 2018

The Lower School Concert will take place on Monday 12 November from 7.00pm. The concert will feature solo and small group items from girls in L4, 4 and U4 and is an excellent opportunity to hear girls at the outset of their musical careers at school performing solos/duets.