Queen Anne’s Sports News

Monday 16th October 2017

A round up of all the latest sports news from Queen Anne’s in the week commencing Monday 9 October.


Last weekend Lara (L4), a keen judo competitor, was invited to attend a judo masterclass at Pinewood Judo Club with former British Olympic medalist Brian Jacks. He spoke of the commitment needed to become an expert, that there will always be someone heavier, stronger or faster and so the answer lies in technique. He would practice individual moves up to 2000 times every day, so the moves became automatic.



On Saturday, the Queen Anne’s Junior Dance Company ventured to Reddam House to compete in their first external dance competition. Claudia (4) received ‘Best Individual dance’ for her self-choreographed jazz solo and also earned a prize for strutting her stuff in a dance off! Bo (4) and Lilianna (L4) gave fantastic solo performances in both ballet and contemporary.

They were joined by Minnie (4) and Niamh (4) and as a company they walked away as the overall winners of ‘Reddance’! This was an excellent result for the girls and Queen Anne’s dance!

jdance1 jdance2 image2

Cross Country

The first round of the cross country cup took place on Wednesday at reading Blue Coat School.

The inter team was depleted as the U4s were out of school, but we still had 4 girls competent to run the 3000m course with the junior team. The junior course was 2000m long and the team secured a place in the regional round in November by placing third overall.

xcountryjr1 xcountryjr xcountry3


Netball Vs The Abbey
U13A lost 11 – 22
U13B won 8 – 4
U13C won 11 – 0
U13D won 11 – 2

Netball Vs St Gabriel’s
U15B lost 10 – 31
U15C won 16 – 6


Lacrosse Vs St Catharine’s School
1sts drew 5 – 5
2nds lost 8 – 9
3rds lost 12 – 2

U15A lost 18 – 3
U15B lost 12 -3
U14A drew 6 – 6
U14 B won 8 – 1

U13A won 10 – 6
U13B won 6 – 5
U13C lost 11 – 3

U12A won 6 – 0
U12B lsot 9 – 2
U12C lost 8 – 1