Queen Anne’s Sports Day 2019

Wednesday 17th July 2019

Queen Anne’s annual Sports Day took place on the hot and sunny 4 July.


All of our Houses were out in full force to compete and support their teams, and we were also joined by parents and families to witness a superb display of athletic talent!





The full first place results are as follows:

Inter 75m Hurdles: Lula J (4)

Senior 80m Hurdles: Georgie K (L6)

Junior 100m: Iris C (L4)

Inter 100m: Lara R (4)

Senior 100m: Georgie K (L6)

Junior 200m: Bibi H (L4)

Inter 200m: Amelia S (U4)

Senior 200m: Sophie E (L6)

Inter 300m: Flo C (U4)

Senior 300m: Charlotte L (L6)

Junior 800m: Libby R (L4)

Inter 800m: Louisa H (U4)

Senior 800m: Lauren R (L5)

Inter 1500m: Ella B (4)

Senior 1500m: Molly S (L5)

Junior 4 x 100 Relay –
As: Wisdome
Bs: Wisdome

Inter 4 x 100 Relay –
As: Ffyler
Bs: Maddock

Senior 4 x 100 Relay –
As: Maddock
Bs: Wilkins

Junior Long Jump: Phelix B (L4)

Inter Long Jump: Poppy W (U4)

Senior Long Jump: Ruby H (L5)

Junior High Jump: Iris C (L4)

Inter High Jump: Katie L (4)

Senior High Jump: Izzy C (L6)

Junior Shot Put: Nellie D (L4)

Inter Shot Put: Lauren S (U4)

Senior Shot Put: Serena C (L5)

Junior Javelin: Elizabeth D (L4)

Inter Javelin: Beau B (4)

Senior Javelin: Abby S (U6)

Inter Discus: Izzy W (U4)

Senior Discus: Zara O (L5)


There were also three new records broken throughout the day:

Ella B (4) broke the inter 1500m record, which was held since 1993 by K Gaskill (was 5:32), with a new time of 5:06.

Poppy W (U4) broke the inter long jump record, which was held since 2003 by E Sanders (was 4.73m), with a new distance of 5.02m.

Zara O (L5) broke the senior discus record, held since 2010 by E Fleming (was 31.30m), with a new distance of 37.30m.


And finally, the results that everyone really wants to hear: the overall house placements!

5th place – Maddock, with 293 points

4th place – Wilkins, with 320 points

3rd place – Webbe, with 326 points

2nd place – Ffyler, with 364 points

and 1st place – Wisdome, with 380 points!


Congratulations Wisdome House!

Well done to all of our girls who represented their houses and showed such outstanding effort and sportsmanship.