Queen Anne’s Sports Award Evening

Thursday 2nd May 2019

Queen Anne’s annual Sports Award Evening took place on Saturday 27 April, with over 100 girls and parents attending.


Mrs Burley praised their commitment to their chosen sports, their achievements and their competitive spirit. She thanked them for their “fantastic contribution to the sporting life of this school”.

The parents also were applauded for their loyal support at matches, regardless of the weather, with two parents receiving special awards for sports photography and grass roots lacrosse development.


The guest speaker, Joe Roebuck talked of his journey from school swimmer to the dizzy heights of Olympic competition.

The girls were particularly impressed with how he dealt with missing the selection for the Bejing Olympics by ¼ of a second; he did not give up on his dream, simply refocused, continued working hard and then went on to Commonwealth and European success, before finally getting his Olympic debut at the home Olympics in 2012.


Below is a list of all award winners:


Captain’s Awards.

The captains are the glue that hold the teams together, they have led by example and set the tone for the team to follow.


Sports Prefect – Abi S (U6)

Lax Captain – Abi S (U6)

Netball Captain – Alex G (U6)

Rowing Captain – Philippa  M (U6)

Tennis Captain – Annabelle R (U6)

Dance Captain – Phoebe K (U6)

Swim Captain – Zoe C (L6)


The Performance Pathway Award.

We wanted to highlight the achievements of girls who are performing above school level, well on their way up the performance pyramid, with the attendant high levels of commitment that requires, yet still finding the time to represent their school.


Bella W (U5)Bella is an U16 playing U19 regional netball for The Clan Netball Club.

Rachel G (U6)Rachel only started rowing in her U5 year and has successfully secured a row scholarship to George Town University in America.

Emily O (L6)Emily has represented England in U19 lacrosse Home Internationals.

Abby S (U6)Abby too has represented England in U19 lacrosse Home Internationals and is the final 24 selected for the World Cup Squad for this year.

Talia J (L6)Talia is part of the Saracens Mavericks U19 team, playing in the Premier league as well in the National Performance league against the other Superleague netball teams.


1st team lax: MVP – Abby S (U6)

Most Improved – Emma H (U6)

Rising Star – Evie H (L6)


2nd team lax: MVP – Molly R (L6)

Most Improved – Annie A (L6)

Rising Star – Amelia F (U5)


3nd team lax: MVP – Stella L (U5)

Most Improved – Ellie T (L6)

Rising Star – Eve L (U5)


U18A netball: MVP – Hannah K (L6)

Most Improved – Georgie R (L6)

Rising Star – Georgie K (L6)


U18B netball: MVP – Annabelle R (U6)

Most Improved – Emily O (L6)

Rising Star – Kerrie F (L6)


U16A netball: MVP – Amelia H (U5)

Most Improved – India P (U5)

Rising Star – Georgie W (U5)


U16B netball: MVP – Tilly B (U5)

Most Improved – Anna H (U5)

Rising Star – Rosie H (U5)


Tennis:  MVP – Abby S (U6)

Rising Star – Millie B (L6)

Most Improved – Lucy E (L6)


Dance:  MVP – Hannah H (U6)

Most Improved – Alice H (U6)

Rising Star – Marjolein H (L6)


Swimming: MVP – Zoe C (L6)

Most improved – Jaz B (U5)

Rising Star – Jas V (U5)


Rowing: MVP – Sophie H (U6)

Most Improved – Miya M (U6)

Rising Star – Kerrie F (L6)


Sports Coaching Award: Mrs Ralston – for developing grass roots lacrosse and helping new girls to the school have a good start to their lacrosse careers.


Sports Photography Award: Mr Roberts – for the years of superb sports photographs which have provided the school with a tremendous record of the sporting achievements of the girls.


Congratulations to all of the evening’s winners!








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