Queen Anne’s Society Reunion Day 2018

Friday 28th September 2018

On Saturday 22 September, Queen Anne’s School welcomed over 150 alumnae, and their families, to our annual Queen Anne’s Society Reunion Day. We were also lucky enough to be joined by two former Headmistresses: Miss Scott and Mrs Forbes.


The morning began in Café 6, in The Space, with many warm hugs and excited welcomes all round. With some alumnae having not returned to the school for over fifty years, it was a surprise to see this part of the school transformed into such a modern, inspiring space of learning, and how the school has evolved to meet the challenges and needs of today.


At midday, everyone gathered in the Chapel for a welcome by Headmistress, Julia Harrington. This was followed by a reading from Reverent Rachel Ross Smith, and some joyful hymns including: ‘Praise to the Lord, the Almighty’, ‘Tell Out My Soul’ and ‘Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer’. The reunion chapel service closed with Queen Anne’s School Prayer, which many still knew off by heart.


Lunch, which took place in The Forum, was next on the agenda; a delicious buffet, provided by school caterers Thomas Franks. Visiting alumnae were able to reminisce and share some laughs over slideshows of old photographs of their school years, and show some of their young children how their time at the school used to be. Many people also brought scrapbooks and memorabilia from their time at Queen Anne’s


After lunch, Queen Anne’s alumnae set off on the most anticipated part of the day: the school tours. Led by a group of our helpful sixth form students, alumnae were able to see just how much the school has changed over the years.

It was a great opportunity for our alumnae to revisit parts of the school, it was an opportunity for many of them to revive many fond memories an experiences shared. It was also a great chance to see some of the school’s new developments such as The Space and the Scott Music Centre, from which it is clear that many fellow Queen Anne’s girls will thrive from using in the future.

A trip to the school archives particularly excited our alumnae, where more photos, journals and documents of their time at Queen Anne’s were revealed. It was fascinating for our alumnae to not only look back on images of their time at school, but also images and archives of years long before, and what extraordinary changes have taken place over the near 125 years.


As the day drew to a close, everyone once again joined in The Forum for tea and coffee. Many alumnae took this opportunity to exchange contact details with old school friends and re-kindle childhood friendships.


“I had such a lovely day. It was so wonderful to see so many of our teachers, catch up with old friends, look around the new beautiful buildings and also remember the smells of the different classrooms!” one member of the Queen Anne’s Society exclaimed.

Another member of the society commented: “It was a really happy day and I thoroughly enjoyed it!”


With another successful Queen Anne’s Society Reunion Day completed, we look forward to next year’s event, where we will be celebrating 125 years in May 2019.


Have a look at some photos from this year’s Queen Anne’s Society Reunion Day below:





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