Queen Anne’s Old Girls Coach Lacrosse in Kenya

Friday 27th October 2017

This summer Queen Anne’s Old Girls S-J, Katie and Lucy travelled to Kenya with the Kenya Lacrosse charity to coach the girls team in the hope of reaching the 2019 World Cup in Canada.

Read Lucy’s account of their life-changing experience below:

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If the sport is played by a men’s and women’s team from all continents at the World Cup, it is eligible to be trialed at the 2028 LA Olympics. The charity is a platform to help young girls in Kenya, to drive female empowerment, self-worth and to aid in providing the opportunity of gaining an education. Some of the girls are already sponsored to go to school but there are many more who are in need of help. 

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We were fortunate enough to meet the girls and hear some of their heart-wrenching stories and even some of the experiences they endured just trying to attend the lacrosse camp. Some had not eaten with no shoes let alone sports kit. It was a truly rewarding experience seeing the amount of a game of lacrosse brought to these girls faces. A simple donation of a pair of boots, a sports bra or a new top made these girls immeasurably happy, reiterating how any donation, big or small can make a difference to their lives.

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Having travelled to Mumias in Western Kenya and Eagles camp with the 20 girls selected, we headed to Uganda for the Eastern Africa World Cup against Rwanda and Uganda. We won one and lost one, but not without a good fight. The girls came away more motivated than ever and were already looking forward to hosting the tournament next year. 

We would like to say a special thank you to Queen Anne’s on behalf of Kenya Lacrosse and the girls out there for all the donations of boots and sticks we received and shall be heading out to Kenya shortly to be put through their paces.

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