Queen Anne's Lacrosse Players Selected For Berkshire

Thursday 9th October 2014

Congratulations to our Queen Anne’s girls who have been selected to represent Berkshire at Lacrosse this year. Overall, 26 pupils will represent the county which is a fantastic achievement for Queen Anne’s so good luck to all our girls in their upcoming matches.

The following girls have been selected:

U19 Berkshire

  • A Cooper
  • A Crowther
  • C Patrick
  • E McNeill
  • E Owen
  • F Gray
  • G Austin
  • I Lockhart
  • J De Mulder
  • O Yates
  • R Beech
  • V Bamgbala
  • Z Webbe

 U15 Berkshire A

  • A Turner
  • C Shutter
  • E Harris
  • G Evans
  • I Bowater
  • K Green
  • S Hart

 U15 Berkshire B

  • A Owen
  • A Oram
  • I Zealley
  • N Hudson
  • R Washer
  • Y Hatton