Queen Anne’s Girls Perform at the Royal & Derngate Theatre, as part of the National Theatre Connections Festival

Tuesday 30th April 2019

On Wednesday 3 April, a group of Queen Anne’s Drama students travelled to Northampton to perform at the Royal and Derngate Theatre, as part of the National Theatre Connections Festival.


Their performance of ‘Chaos’, a brand new play written by Laura Lomas, and commissioned especially for the National Theatre Connections Festival, was an incredibly thought-provoking and intelligent piece of drama.





The girls had worked incredibly hard not only on stage, but backstage too. From directing, to costume and makeup, to sound and lighting, they had taken ownership over every aspect of the production.





As well as performing their version of “Chaos”, the girls spent the day taking part in workshops run by the Royal and Derngate Theatre, and had the opportunity to watch another brand new play from the 10 commissioned by The National Theatre.





The performance was live streamed to the school, and the PAC was filled with students eagerly supporting their peers.



“The Royal and Derngate was a amazing experience! The workshops were very interesting and let me enhance new skills! I loved watching the other performances, as they were so unique and different to ours in a good way. It was fascinating to see how others played my character and created links throughout the performance!” – Gigi J (U4)


“It was amazing to watch the other version of our play ‘Chaos’, and to see what direction other companies went in when looking at the same play. The vibes in the theatre were incredible. I loved the support, confidence, and liveliness of everyone there and look forward to the next one!” – Huawa M (L6)




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