Queen Anne’s attend the Foundation Schools’ MUN Conference

Friday 20th October 2017

On Tuesday 3 October, 12 members of the Sixth Form travelled to Emanuel School in London for the 2017 Foundation Schools’ Model United Nations Conference.

The MUN simulates the work of the United Nations. Students are given a member state which they have to represent at a conference. Research and preparation are conducted in relation to a series of topics that have been provided prior to the MUN conference. Delegates vote on each resolution as a whole. The event was chaired by Mr Roy Blackwell from the Foundation.


Below is a report by our Prefect for Public Speaking Emma (U6) who attended the event:

On Tuesday 3rd October, 12 members of the Sixth Form travelled to Emanuel School in London to take part in the 2017 Foundation Schools’ Model United Nations Conference. 

The day started with a welcome to Emanuel and an introduction to the UN by Miss Kate Moore, Teacher of History at Emanuel; the assembly then split into smaller committees to lobby and discuss their individual resolutions. One resolution from each committee would then be discussed in the General Assembly after lunch.

Unfortunately, none of the QAS resolutions were a topic of debate in the General Assembly, but congratulations are in order for Romilly and Rhea (L6) who gained the individual commendations for speaking impressively on the day. With students representing a variety of nations such as Germany, Brazil, Ukraine and Qatar, preparation before the conference had been intense but still very interesting and enjoyable.

The conference itself was rewarding in that the girls were able to practice their public speaking skills and had the opportunity to defend the resolutions they had written. The Queen Anne’s MUN committee would like to thank Dr Beale for organising the trip and helping us with the resolutions, Ms McCuish and Miss Rossi for accompanying us and of course the Grey Coat Hospital Foundation and Mr Roy Blackwell for organising the conference.

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