Queen Anne’s Book Club Attend the Berkshire Book Awards

Wednesday 17th October 2018

The Berkshire Book Awards launched on Thursday 11 October 2018. The award asks young people to nominate the title and select the winner, with thousands of young people from over 90 Berkshire schools taking part.

The Aim of the Berkshire Book Award is to contribute to young people’s achievement by: encouraging them to develop a love of reading and become lifelong readers, and encouraging social inclusion by organising events and activities for young people.

Queen Anne’s Book Club attended the event, and our girls kindly shared with us their accounts of their day at the Berkshire Book Awards.


“Today we went to the Berkshire Book Awards at Ascot with some other schools. There, the speaker was Emily Thomas, author of the autobiographical fiction book ‘Mud’. She talked about her book – the setting, the characters, the plot and the themes – and what inspired her to write, namely her childhood.

They also explained the Awards and we nominated books to be short-listed. I nominated ‘Tower of Dawn’ by Sarah J. Maas. The previous winner was Anthony Horowitz’s ‘Alex Ryder: Never Say Die’. Apparently, the winner will be announced April 3rd. I’m excited to see who it will be!

Finally, towards the end, I bought a copy of ‘Mud’. Emily even signed my copy. Whilst there, I asked her for tips on starting writing. She said the best advice was to “start writing” even if you though it was rubbish. I’ll definitely carry that advice with me for a long time.”

“On Thursday, the book club went to the opening of the Berkshire Book Awards in Ascot. It was very fun and extremely interesting.

As well as the opening of the awards, we had a talk from the author of ‘Mud’. She talked about her autobiography/novel ‘Mud’ and explained a few details about it, including reading extracts, and where and when it was set.

We were also told about the winner of last year’s award: ‘Alex Ryder: Never Say Die’. We were read a letter from the author, Anthony Horowitz, thanking the people that voted for him.

Once Emily Thomas had finished talking about her book, we all went to the front, got a picture with her and got a book signed. Just before we left we also nominated our favourite books for the awards.”

“Today I went to the Berkshire Book Awards, with the book club. When we arrived in Ascot, we all filed into a hall and took a seat. Then an author, Emily Thomas, came out.

Emily started by talking about her book ‘Mud’. She talked about the setting and characters, and how she based it off her childhood. She explained what inspired it, and the different destinations that Lydia, the main character, ventured to.

When the book talk ended, we all went down to look at the books nominated for this year’s book award, and even nominated some ourselves! Once we’d had a good look at all the books, Chantelle and I bought a copy of Emily’s book, and Poppy got a postcard. It was amazing, we even got to meet Emily and get our books signed.

It was such a great time, and I hope to attend more events like this in the future.”