Queen Anne’s Boat Club race at Reading Head

Wednesday 24th October 2018

Queen Anne’s Boat Club recently raced at Reading Head, and the team kindly provided this account of the event:


“We raced with our seniors in the Women’s J18 doubles with Rachel G (U6), Sophie H (U6), Charlotte W (U6) and Alicia B (U6). Rachel and Sophie won the event and Charlotte and Alicia came 4th.

We went on to row a quad of Alicia, Charlotte, Maya M (U6) and Philippa M (U6) (club captain) who came 2nd. Sophie and Rachel went on to race in the open beginner doubles and came 2nd to a very fast Henley combination.


This is a huge step on for Queen Anne’s Boat Club. So far this year we have had a huge increase of numbers due to having rowing as an option in L5 PE. We currently have 38 members. This time last year we had 10! Our next regatta is Henley Sculls where we are planning to race two quads and two doubles. Later in the season we are hoping to race with our new J15s.”






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