Queen Anne’s Boat Club Prepare in the Portuguese Heat

Tuesday 11th April 2017

On 31 March, Queen Anne’s Boat Club left for their first ever rowing camp in Figueira Da Foz, Portugal. Below is Rowing Club Captain, Holly Webb’s write up about the training camp.

We went with The Oratory School and spent five days there. The lake we were training on was 2 Kilometres long, a similar size to Dorney Lake where the National Schools will be held, therefore this was was an extremely beneficial opportunity that will help us to prepare for this upcoming event.

Taking the two quad boats to Portugal that we will take to National Schools also meant that we were able to get familiar with the boats that we will be racing in. No time was wasted as we had two intense sessions on the water every day.

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Completing both long and short pieces while constantly focusing on our technique most definitely helped us to develop and come back much more confident and coordinated rowers. During our time there we raced The Oratory eight, who were in two fours, some of the races were extremely tight!

Over the course of the five days we rowed an astonishing 110 kilometres. We were lucky to have some amazing sunny weather and were able to relax between sessions. We also got the opportunity to go surfing on our last full day after another two tough sessions. Throughout the trip we realised just how much we could eat and so due to the intense training, we were visiting the local supermarkets just a ‘few’ times. All of the girls worked really hard and appreciated just how beneficial this camp will be for our future rowing endeavours.


Holly Webb – Club Captain