Queen Anne’s 125 Birthday Celebrations

Thursday 18th July 2019

Following Sports Day, on Thursday 4 July, students, staff, parents and families were ecstatic to see the school field transformed into a fabulous funfair, to celebrate Queen Anne’s School’s 125 birthday.



The celebrations began with a short speech from Headmistress Julia Harrington, and officially opened with a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’, and the cutting of a fabulous cake, by students Beth and Vicky.




After sampling a slice of the tasty birthday cake, provided by Thomas Franks Catering Ltd, the girls excitedly rushed over the the numerous funfair attractions throughout the school field.




The classic carousel and the towering helter skelter were immensely popular, as were the other attractions of a strength tester, coconut saloon and dart pavilion. Staff, students, parents and families all enjoyed the funfair attractions together, and were able to take a refreshing break with an ice cream from the on-site ice cream truck.






Parents and staff were also able to enjoy refreshments from the QASPA Pimms tent, a welcome addition to the hot and sunny afternoon.



Queen Anne’s School’s 125 birthday celebrations were filled with sunshine and school spirit, and was the perfect way to end the year.






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