Pearson’s Business School Careers Workshop

Monday 10th December 2018

On Wednesday 28 November, our Sixth Form students were joined by Emily from Pearson College London for an employability skills workshop.


Emily started off the workshop by introducing Pearson College London, the courses and degree apprenticeships it offers, and its professional industry partners that work with their students, which include IBM and L’Oréal.


Then Emily asked our students what they think are important employability skills, and why, opening up the discussion to the girls.

Some of the answers our girls came up with were:

Resilience, communication, enthusiasm, teamwork, listening, perseverance and problem solving.



Then Emily set all our students a challenge: In groups of six, they had to complete a range of questions and tasks in 20 minutes.

Some examples of the questions and tasks were:

Write a poem about why you need more than exams to succeed in life.

Name every country that begins with the letter A.

Name all of the Royal Family.

Label all of the continents and oceans of the world.





At the end of the 20 minutes, each of the group had to nominate a leader to present a short strategy presentation, explaining how they went about completing their tasks.

Some groups had spread the questions between the members of their team to conserve time, some had allocated questions according to skills and expertise, some kept time diligently, and some used search engines as there were no rules to say they couldn’t!

These were all great ways of thinking that could be needed when working in a professional environment, or in an interview task. Our students also looked back on the employability skills they listed earlier, and how they had used them in the quiz.





Emily then introduced our Sixth Form students to the STAR method, and extremely useful method for answering interview questions.

STAR stands for:





Our students came up with their own examples for the STAR method, including:

Situation: Lost while on a Duke of Edinburgh exhibition.

Task: To find their way back to camp.

Action: Find a high point where much of the landscape could be seen.

Result: Finding their leader and heading safely back to camp.


A big thank you to Emily and Pearson College London for this important and useful employability skills workshop; our girls will certainly remember the skills they learnt today!


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