Nuclear Submarines, VR, and the Fastest Car in the World – Queen Anne’s visit EngFest

Thursday 23rd May 2019

A group of our Lower School students recently took a trip to EngFest, in London.


EngFest is the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s flagship STEM event, designed to teach 11-18 year olds more about the mind-blowing world of science and engineering.

The aim of the event was to inform and inspire future generations by offering them the chance to take part in a series of engineering-themed workshops, get hands experience with new technologies on in our interactive technology showcase and hear talks from some of the world’s most exciting and influential speakers at the cutting-edge of their fields.


Our girls certainly had a lot of fun on at this interesting and inspiring STEM event. You can read what Lara F (4) thought of her trip to EngFest below:


“The EngFest trip was one of the best I’ve ever been on at Queen Anne’s School! We got hands on experience with different parts of transport and looked at different stalls in an awesome science fair, including VR, mechanic legos, fixing bikes, Cyber First and lots more. We had a very social lunch, interacting with other schools and making new friends, and we loved eating in the Ada Lovelace room.





After that we learnt about nuclear submarines and how they run on nuclear energy. Then we went to an awesome lecture about the fastest car in the world. We went to go program PiTops and I programmed a traffic light with buzzers. We then saw a very interesting and futuristic demonstration about how video games could change the world. This was a very fascinating talk. This was the end of the day unfortunately. I really hope we get to do this next year. Thank you Mrs Foot for organising this incredible trip!” – Lara F (4)






Thank you Lara for your account of the trip to EngFest – we’re glad you had such a fantastic time!