National Poetry Day 2018

Monday 8th October 2018

Last week, in celebration of National Poetry Day 2018, the L4s participated in exciting poetry workshops, in which they were encouraged to consider the importance of sound effects in poetry. The workshops, delivered by expert practitioner, Caroline, from AS Creatives, demonstrated to the pupils the art of creating ‘Soundscape’ poems.


Throughout each session, students were encouraged to work collaboratively in order to produce imaginative verses and interesting lines. It was clear to see (and hear) their enthusiasm for important poetic techniques like alliteration and onomatopoeia in their poems. An example passage here, taken from one poem completed on the day, shows a descriptive ‘Soundscape’ of local village life:


The beautiful church bell booms proudly in the gloomy grey tower

And curious cows grunt courageously in the forgotten meadow,

While playful children chat excitedly in the crowded market.


Added to this were ‘scruffy wolves howling in crackly woods’ and ‘ominous owls hooting gently in abandoned barns’ to bring the landscape to life predominantly through the sense of sound.


Overall, the work on show throughout the day was impressive and teeming with ideas. Well done Lower Fours!


On a final note, the English Department hope that the students have been inspired by the sessions and will continue to write poems for pleasure. As ever, we encourage any budding poets to come along to the English office and to show us their work!



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